Commandant (CG-00) / Vice Commandant (CG-09)

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Court of Criminal Appeals (CG-094C)

Legislative Counsel (CG-094LC)

Coast Guard Hearing Office (CG-094H)

Chief Trial Judge (CG-094J)

Assistant Judge Advocate General for Acquisition and Litigation (CG-094A)

Office of Claims & Litigation (CG-LCL)
Office of Acquisition and Procurement Law (CG-LPL)

Office of Policy & Program Development (CG-LPD)

Office of General Law (CG-LGL)

Office of Information & Intelligence Law (CG-LII)

Office Member Advocacy & Legal Assistance (CG-LMA)

Member Advocacy Division (CG-LMA-A)
Defense Services Division (CG-LMA-D)

Office of Maritime/International Law(CG-LMI)

Environmental Law Division (CG-LMI-E)
Prevention Law Division (CG-LMI-P)
Response Law Division (CG-LMI-R)

Office of Military Justice (CG-LMJ)

Office of Regulations & Administrative Law (CG-LRA)

Click here to expand contentClick here to collapse content  Intelligence & Criminal Investigations (CG-2)

Office of Intelligence Workforce Management (CG-21)
Office of Intelligence Security Management (CG-22)
Office of Intelligence Plans & Policy (CG-25)
Office of ISR Systems & Technology (CG-26)
Office of Intelligence Resources Management (CG-28)
Executive Secretariat Staff (CG-2-ES)
Strategic Planning Staff (CG-2-SAX)

Click here to expand contentClick here to collapse content  Assistant Commandant for Resources (CG-8)

Deputy Assistant Commandant for Resources / Deputy CFO (CG-8D)

Office of Resources, Organizational Analysis, and Workforce Management (CG-81)

Office Budget & Programs (CG-82)

Program Review Division (CG-821)
Budget Formulation Division (CG-822)
External Coordination Division (CG-823)

Office of Resource Management (CG-83)

Budget Execution Divsion (CG-831)
Financial Analysis Division (CG-832)
Personnel Allowance & Staffing Division (CG-833)

Director of Financial Operations / Comptroller (CG-8C)

Office of Financial Policy, Reporting & Property (CG-84)

Financial Reporting & Analysis Division (CG-842)
Financial Management Policy Division (CG-843)
Personal Property Accountability Division (CG-844)
Audit Remediation Division (CG-845)

Office of Internal Controls (CG-85)

Office of Financial Systems Business Requirements (CG-86)

Deputy Commandant for Mission Support (CG-DCMS)

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Office of the Headquarters Chaplain

Command Master Chief

Resources Directorate (DCMS-8)

Office of Mission Support & Workforce Management (DCMS-81)

Human Resources Strategy & Capability Development Office (CG-1B)

Health & Safety Directorate (CG-11)

Office of Work-Life (CG-111)

Office of Health Services (CG-112)

Office of Safety & Environmental Health (CG-113)

Civilian Human Resources, Diversity and Leadership (CG-12)

Office of Diversity and Inclusion (CG-12B)

Office of Leadership (CG-12C)

Civilian Personnel (CG-121)

Reserve & Military Personnel Directorate (CG-13)

Office of Reserve Affairs (CG-131)

Office of Military Personnel (CG-133)

Efficiency Review Office
Energy Program Office

Office of Aeronautical Engineering (CG-41)

Office of Civil Engineering (CG-43)

Ocean Engineering Division (CG-432)

Office of Logistics Management (CG-44)

Office of Naval Engineering (CG-45)

Office of Environmental Management (CG-47)

Assistant Commandant for C4 & IT (CG-6)

Office of Information Management (CG-61)

Management Programs & Policy Division (CG-611)
Directives & Publications Division (CG-612)

Office of Enterprise Applications Management (CG-63)

Office of Enterprise Infrastructure Management (CG-64)

Office of Cyber Security & Telecommunications Policy (CG-65)

Office of Enterprise Architecture & Governance (CG-66)

Office of Enterprise System Development Policy (CG-69)

Assistant Commandant for Acquisition (CG-9)

Director of Contracting & Procurement (CG-91)

Office of Contract Operations (CG-912)

Formal Contracts Division I (CG-9121)

Formal Contracts Division II (CG-9122)
Formal Contracts Division III (CG-9123)
Contracts Planning & Procedures Division (CG-9124)
Surface Systems Contracts Division (CG-9125)
C4ISR Systems Contracts Division (CG-9126)
Aviation Systems Contracts Division (CG-9127)
Research & Development Center Contracts Division (CG-9128)

Office of Procurement Policy & Oversight (CG-913)

Procurement Planning & Oversight Division (CG-9131)
Procurement Policy & Systems Division (CG-9132)

Director of Acquisition Services (CG-92)

Office of Acquisition Workforce Management (CG-921)

Workforce Development & Certification Division (CG-9211)
Workforce Operations & Support Services Division (CG-9212)

Office of International Acquisition Programs (CG-922)

Office of Acquisition Support (CG-924)

Office of Strategic Planning & Communication (CG-925)

Office of Research, Development, Testand Evaluation (RDT&E) (CG-926)

USCG Research & Development Center (RDC)

Office of Resource Management (CG-928)

Planning, Program, Budget & Finance Division (CG-9282)
Business Management & Metrics Division (CG-9283)

Director of Acquisition Program Executive Officer (CG-93)

Assistant Program Executive Officer - Aviation (CG-931)

Long Range Surveillance Aircraft Program (CG-9311)
Medium Range Surveillance Aircraft Program (CG-9312)
Unmanned Aircraft Systems Program (CG-9313)
H-60 Conversion Program (CG-9314)
H-65 Conversion/Sustainment Program (CG-9315)

Assistant Program Executive Officer - Surface (CG-932)

National Security Cutter Program (CG-9321)
Offshore Patrol Cutter Program (CG-9322)
In-Service Vessel Sustainment Program (CG-9323)
Fast Response Cutter Program (CG-9324)
Boats Acquisition Program (CG-9325)
Cutter Boats
Response Boat-Medium
Response Boat-Small
Polar Icebreaker Program (CG-9326)

Assistant Program Executive Officer - C4ISR (CG-933)

Rescue 21 Program (CG-9331)
Nationwide Automatic Identification System (NAIS) Program (CG-9332)
CG-LIMS Program (CG-9334)
C4ISR Program (CG-9335)
Financial Management Service Inprovement Initiative (FMSII) Program (CG-9336)


Deputy Commandant for Operations (CG-DCO)

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Deputy for Operations Policy & Capabilities (CG-DCO-D)

Command Master Chief (CG-DCO-CMC)

Executive Assistant (CG-DCO-E)

Administration & Coordination Staff (CG-DCO-A)

Global MOTR Coordination Center (CG-DCO-G)

Director of International Affairs & Foreign Policy (CG-DCO-I)

Office of Regional Affairs (CG-DCO-I-1)
Office of Security Cooperation (CG-DCO-I-2)

National Command Center (CG-DCO-NCC)

Emerging Policy Staff (CG-DCO-X)

Director of Operations Resource Management (CG-DCO-8)

Office of Performance Management & Assessment (CG-DCO-81)

Performance Integration Division (CG-DCO-811)
Performance Analysis Division (CG-DCO-812)

Office of Budget Development (CG-DCO-82)

Office of Budget Execution (CG-DCO-83)

Operating Expense Execution Division (CG-DCO-831)
Large Contracting, Reimbursable & Special Appropriations Execution Division (CG-DCO-832)

Office of Workforce Management (CG-DCO-84)

Director of Law Enforcement, Maritime Security, & Defense Operations Policy (CG-5RE)

Office of Law Enforcement Policy (CG-MLE)

Plans, Analysis & Budget Division (CG-MLE-1)
Maritime Homel& Security, General Law Enforcement & Policy standards Division (CG-MLE-2)
Drug & Migrant Interdiction Division (CG-MLE-3)
Living Marine Resources & Marine Protected Species Enforcement Division (CG-MLE-4)

Office of Maritime Security Response Policy (CG-MSR)

Maritime Security (Antiterrorism) Division (CG-MSR-1)
Maritime Security Planning Division (CG-MSR-2)
Maritime Force Protection Division (CG-MSR-3)

Office of Counterterrorism & Defense Operations Policy (CG-ODO)

Joint Strategic Planning Division (CG-ODO-1)
Confronting Irregular Challenges & Counterterrorism Division (CG-ODO-2)
Support and Security Division (CG-ODO-3)

Director of Incident Management & Preparedness Policy (CG-5RI)

Deputy Director of Incident Management & Preparedness Policy (CG-5RI-D)

Office of Incident Management & Preparedness (CG-MER)

Oil & Hazardous Substance Division (CG-MER-1)
Coordination & Outreach Staff (CG-MER-2)
National Response Center (CG-MER-3)

Office of Search & Rescue (CG-SAR)

Policy Division (CG-5341)
Coordination Division (CG-5342)

Office of Contingency Exercises (CG-CPE)

Exercise Policy Division (CG-CPE-1)
Incident Management & Cross Contingency Division (CG-CPE-2)
Exercise Evaluation & Analysis Division (CG-CPE-3)

Force Management Staff (CG-7D-1)

Office of Aviation Forces (CG-711)

Aviation Resources Division (CG-7111)

Rotary Wing Platform / ASM / UAS Division (CG-7112)

Fixed Wing Platform / Sensor Integration Division (CG-7113)

Office of Specialized Capabilities (CG-721)

Use of Force Capabilities Division (CG-7211)

Dive Capabilities Division (CG-7212)

Office of Boat Forces (CG-731)

Policy & Competency Development Division (CG-7311)

Boat Force Capability Division (CG-7312)

Office of Shore Forces (CG-741)

Shore Forces Sectors Division (CG-7411)

Shore Forces Command Centers Division (CG-7412)

Shore Forces Vessel Traffic Services Division (CG-7413)

Office of Cutter Forces (CG-751)

Admin & standards Development Division (CG-7511)

Major Cutter Capabilities Division (CG-7512)

ATON, Ice Breaker & Patrol Boat Capabilities Division (CG-7513)

Office of C4 & Sensors Capabilities (CG-761)

Comms & Sensors Division (CG-7611)

C2 & Operations Information Systems Division (CG-7612)

Office of Requirements & Analysis (CG-771)