Reserve Incapacitation Pay

A reservist who is physically disabled as a result of a line of duty injury, illness or disease, is entitled to pay and allowances in accordance with 37 USC 204 and 206. The amount of pay and allowances authorized is determined in accordance with the Coast Guard Pay Manual COMDTINST M7220.29 (series), and is dependent upon the member's military duty status of Not Fit for Duty (NFD) or Fit for Limited Duty (FLD), and the documented amount of lost civilian earned income for the incapacitation pay claim period.

A reservist with an approved Notice of Eligibility (NOE) for authorized medical care may file for incapacitation pay as described below.

Civilian earned income is defined as follows: Income from non-military employment, including self-employment. This includes normal wages, salaries, professional fees, tips, or other compensation for personal services actually rendered, as well as income from protection plans, vacation pay, and sick leave that the member elects to receive. It does not include rents, royalties, retirement pay, dividends or interest, welfare payments, or other nontaxable Government benefits.

Claims for incapacitation pay shall be processed as outlined below:

  • Claims shall be submitted using the Monthly Incapacitation Claim Form and supporting documentation.
  • Claims shall be submitted to PSC-RPM-3 via the member's chain of command and RFRS staff(or equivalent) to: All personnel involved in this process shall ensure proper precautions one taken to protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Protected Health Information (PHI) especially when transmitting electronically.
  • A current completed Monthly Physician's Report form
  • PSC-RPM-3 will validate incapacitation pay claims and forward valid claims to PPC (SES) for processing.
  • Incapacitation pay certifications shall be provided for periods not to exceed one month (30 days).Incapacitation pay may not be provided for a period greater than six months unless approved by CG-131.
  • PSC-RPM-3 will review and endorse any request for incapacitation pay greater than six months and forward it to CG-131 for approval.