USCG Regional Retiree Help Desk Locations

Base Boston
427 Commercial St. Boston MA 02109
Active Duty Coordinator:
YNCS Craig Sullivan
Retiree Services Volunteer Director: Not Identified
Base Alameda
Coast Guard Island Alemeda, CA 94501
Active Duty Coordinator:
MCPO Andray James
Retiree Services Volunteer Director: CAPT Mark MacDonald, Ret.
Base Cleveland
1240 E 9th St Cleveland, OH 44199,
(216) 902-6355
Active Duty Coordinator:
YN1 William Schmidt, Ret.
Retiree Services Volunteer Director:
MCPO T. Regis Cooney, USCG, Ret.
Base Detachment St. Louis
1222 Spruce St. Saint Louis, MO 63103, (314) 269-2407
Active Duty Coordinator:
CWO Thomas Fairley
Retiree Services Volunteer Director: MCPO Keith Livingstone, USCG, Ret.
Base Elizabeth City
1664 Weeksville Rd. Elizabeth City , NC 27909
Active Duty Coordinator:
YN1 Jeremy Clipse
Retiree Services Volunteer Director: Carla Maine
Base Ketchikan
1300 Stedman St. Ketchikan, AK 99901
Active Duty Coordinator:
YNCS Steve Rodanhisler
Retiree Services Volunteer Director: Not Identified
Base Honolulu
400 Sand Island Parkway Honolulu, HI 96819
Active Duty Coordinator:
YNC Kellie Dean
Retiree Services Volunteer Director: CAPT Rod Schultz, USCG, Ret.
Base Kodiak
N-38 Cape Sarichef Kodiak, Alaska 99619
Active Duty Coordinator:
CDR Daryl Schaffer
Retiree Services Volunteer Director: CAPT Robert Lachowsky, USCG, Ret.
Base Los Angeles / Long Beach
1001 S Seaside Ave, San Pedro CA 90731
Active Duty Coordinator:
YNC Jillian Pope
Retiree Services Volunteer Director: Michael Droullard
Base Miami Beach
100 MacArthur Causeway, Miami Beach, FL 33139
Active Duty Coordinator:
LCDR Kaleb Perez
Retiree Services Volunteer Director: YNCM Marc Fagenbaum, USCG, Ret.
Base National Capital Region
Base National Capital Region, 2307 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave SE, Washington, DC 20593
Active Duty Coordinator:
CWO David Liberty
Retiree Services Volunteer Director: CAPT David Bernstein, USCGR, Ret.
Base New Orleans
1790 Saturn Road, New Orleans, LA 70129, (504) 201-7587
Active Duty Coordinator:
YNCM Richard Wolfe
Retiree Services Volunteer Director: James Montgomery
Base Portsmouth
4000 Coat Guard Boulevard, Portsmouth, VA 23703
Active Duty Coordinator:
HSCS Charles Weiss
Retiree Services Volunteer Director: CWO4 Peter Brunk, USCG, Ret.; YNCS Jeff Gardner, USCG, Ret.
Base Seattle
1519 Alaskan Way South, Seattle, WA 98134
Active Duty Coordinator:
David Sweeney
Retiree Services Volunteer Director: Phil Smith
Training Center Cape May
1 Munro Dr., Cape May, NJ 08204, (609) 898-6816
Active Duty Coordinator:
AMTCM Terry Cowart
Retiree Services Volunteer Director: Vacant

USCG National Retiree Help Desk

The National Retiree Help Desk (NRHD) Hotline
is available to assist and / or to answer any questions that a retiree or a retiree spouse has regarding benefits (other than those relating to pay), health care issues, assistance in obtaining important forms and/or papers, etc. The NRHD can be contacted by phone or e-mail:
  • The phone numbers are 1-866-664-6245 (toll free), ext. 5-5381
    (enter extension number immediately upon hearing the voice), or 1-202-475-5381.
  • The e-mail address is nrhdesk@gmail.com.

Questions concerning pay should be directed to the Pay & Personnel Center's Retiree and Annuitant Services (PPC (RAS)) Branch in lieu of the National Retiree Help Desk, since the National Retiree Help Desk does not have access to pay records.

Email PPC (RAS) at
or call 1-800-772-8724 (toll free)
or 1-785-339-3415 -- 0730-1600 M-F (central time).

Retiree Service Desks

•To close the information gap by establishing a network of referral services that can provide key information, including local information on services available to the retiree community.
•Located at Coast Guard Bases & select TRACENs around the country

Key referral information include:
• Casualty Assistance Veteran Centers TRICARE
• CG Newsletter National Cemeteries • Pharmacy
• DD-214 • Coast Guard Benefits • Tax Referrals
• DEERS Service Offices • Record Correction • Medals / Awards
• DoD Facilities • Retiree Appreciation Days Space-A Travel
• DoD Local Events • Survivor Benefit Plan / SBP • Volunteer Opportunities
• DoD Services VOW Act / 2nd career • Emergency Hotline
• Survivor Assistance • Widow Assistance • Exchange / Commissary
• Legal Referrals State Veteran Homes • Retiree Forms
• Veteran Crisis Hotline • Retiree Pay USOs
• VA Offices USCG Mutual Assistance • MWR
• VA Medical Facilities • Transition Assistance • Other
The retiree services desks are overseen by designated active duty retiree services Base coordinators and operated by volunteer directors who ensure the implementation of standard operating procedures.

Volunteers which may include Coast Guard Auxilarists are provided with a self-paced training program designed to help them "stay informed" and provide accurate and timely referrals to the retiree community.

For additional information regarding volunteer opportunities e-mail the CG
Retiree Services Program.


  • Base Boston
  • Base Alameda
  • Base Cleveland
  • Base Detachment St. Louis
  • Base Elizabeth City
  • Base Ketchikan
  • Base Honolulu
  • Base Kodiak
  • Base Los Angeles / Long Beach
  • Base Miami Beach
  • Base National Capital Region
  • Base New Orleans
  • Base Portsmouth
  • Base Seattle
  • Training Center Cape May
Retiree Services Desks Locations