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Commandant Instructions


A Commandant Instruction is a directive prescribing authority or containing information with continuing reference value or that requires continuing action. An instruction has no requirement for a table of contents and consists of less than 25 pages (includes Enclosures). It remains in effect until it is replaced or cancelled by the originator or a higher authority. Originators must review instructions every four years and validate them through their directives control point, hereafter referred to as the Directives Coordinator (DC).

Commandant Instructions

Publication NumberTitleOrganizationDescriptionPublication DateExpiration Date
CI_4491_1PARTS AND MATERIAL REQUEST FORMS CG-441202-475-56567/6/2011
COMDTINST 5090.1ENVIRONMENTAL PLANNING POLICY, COMDTINST 5090.1U.S. Coast GuardThis Instruction promulgates CG environmental planning policy and assigns responsibilities for CG-wide compliance. This Instruction also requires adherence to implementation of this policy and for application of the relevant requirements to CG activities. This Instruction will help ensure that the CG effectively considers the potential for significant environmental impacts from its proposed actions (both within the US and abroad) prior to their implementation.
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