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Frequently Requested Records



Copies of all records, regardless of form or format, which have been released to any person under the FOIA and which, because of the nature of the subject matter, the agency offices determines have become or are likely to become the subject of subsequent request for substantially the same records.
The Office of Investigations and Casualty Analysis also proactively posts records concerning marine casualty investigations, reports of marine boards, and other marine reports and studies on their site.  These records can be found here: Marine Casualty Reports (
TitleEffective Date
16 June 2017 Allision and Grounding of IYVANOUGH Incident Investigation Report4/24/2020
41 foot UTB Model Plans3/9/2017
American Shoal Lighthouse Investigation Final Action Memo1/9/2017
Board of Trustees Agenda and Letter of Resignation of CMC VerHurst8/27/2021
Certificate of Inspection-CONCEPTION9/18/2019
Certificate of Inspection-Stretch Duck 078/1/2018
CGIS Investigation Involving CMC VerHurst8/27/2021
CMC VerHulst Relief for Cause Memo8/27/2021
Coast Guard Marine Safety Center Lube Oil Modeling and Analysis for the S.S. El Faro9/24/2017
El Faro Marine Board of Investigation Transcripts9/24/2017
EVER FORWARD Grounding March 13, 202212/7/2022
Final Action for the Major Incident Investigation Report on the vessel Kolina SAR Response9/29/2016
Final Action Memo for the 331181/31/2013
Final Action Memo for the BMCS Horne Homicide2/28/2014
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