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Career Entry Level Opportunity (CEO) Program


The Career Entry-Level Opportunity (CEO) Program is designed to attract men and women to careers as Federal employees with the United States Coast Guard. Managers may compete for a limited number of billets that are centrally funded. The positions are allocated for a 2 to 3 year period to develop candidates to meet future workforce needs. Upon successful completion of the program, sponsoring program managers, using their own resources, must place the employees into permanent billets.

  • Allocation of positions to specific program areas is accomplished through a nomination and evaluation process. Nominations are submitted directly to the CEO Program Manager at 410-636-3980.
  • Positions filled under the CEO program must be filled at least two grade levels below the full performance level of the positions.
  • Appointments to the CEO program can be made using various hiring authorities (e.g., Student Career Experience Program (SCEP), Federal Career Intern Program (FCIP), Presidential Management Fellows Program (PMF), Merit Promotion Program, Open Competitive Examining Program (Career or Career Conditional), People with Disabilities Excepted Appointment Hiring Authorities, and other Excepted Appointment Hiring Authorities.).
  • Managers are required to create Individual Development Plans for employees participating under the CEO program.
  • Costs for training and rotational assignments are centrally funded up to a specific dollar amount that is determined each fiscal year.
  • Employees participating in the CEO Program are required to sign mobility agreements.