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Team Leader / Facilitator Course (500203)

About the Course

To develop leadership knowledge and skills necessary for USCG Active Duty, Reserve, Civilian, and Auxiliary personnel to effectively lead teams and serve as change agents in today's challenging, high-operation tempo.  The target audience for this course is E-6 to E-9, W-2 to W-4, O-1 to O-6, GS-12 to GS-14, and Auxiliary members.  High performers in other pay grades are also encouraged to attend with supervisor approval.  These members of Team Coast Guard have wide-ranging roles from command cadre to individuals that provide direct supervision to groups or teams.

For more information please review the TLFAC Business Rules and visit the TLFAC Portal Site
TLFAC Portal Site
TLFAC Business Rules

Training Objectives

Emphasis is placed on effectively managing group dynamics, identifying opportunities for improvement, and implementing change initiatives so as to better lead workgroups, cross-functional teams, and other types of teams to continuously improve performance.

Class Convening Dates

Session Dates Location
0250 10/24/22-10/28/22 BASE LA/LB
0251 11/14/22-11/18/22 FEACT JAPAN
0252 12/05/22-12/09/22 CEU PROVIDENCE
0253 01/09/22-01/13/22 SECTOR MIAMI
0254 02/06/23-02/10/23 BASE HONOLULU
0255 02/13/23-02/17/23 SECTOR GUAM
0256 04/10/23-04/14/23 HEADQUARTERS
0257 05/15/23-05/19/23 SECTOR NEW YORK
0258 06/05/23-06/09/23 BASE SEATTLE
0259 08/14/23-08/18/23 BASE KODIAK
0260 09/11/23-09/15/23 DISTRICT NINE

Application Procedures

Coordinate with your Training Officer or ESO to submit an Electronic Training Request (ETR) using Direct Access.

Prospective students located at or near a designated convening should apply for the local convening.

Program Manager

CWO Nicole McKenzie, phone 202-475-5518, email: