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DHS Mentoring Program

About the Course

The DHS Mentoring Program helps mentees acquire a number of additional skills to include managing change, time management, communication, and leadership. Mentees learn more about DHS and report taking on new challenges and responsibilities and securing new jobs and promotions. The program motivates them to increase their involvement level in pursuit of expanding knowledge and skills, and preparing themselves for future advancement opportunities. The benefits that mentors receive include communication, promoting the exchange of ideas and information, increasing job efficiency, and increasing their leadership skills.


The Fiscal Year 2019 DHS Mentoring Program is now accepting mentee and mentor applications through November 13, 2018.


Program goals include:


  • Broadening the employee’s understanding of the DHS mission
  • Offering one-on-one career guidance for the mentee and a unique opportunity for the mentor to positively impact an emerging leader’s career
  • Helping the employee build a career roadmap, individually tailored to meet specific professional goals
  • Expanding the employee’s knowledge, skills and abilities through targeted professional training

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Mentees: GS-14 and below/O5 and below/CWO4 and below/E9 and below.
  2. Mentors: GS-12 through Senior Executive Service/O-3 and above/E7-E10/CWO4 and Flags above across all occupational functions.

Selection Process

DHS selects and pairs mentors and mentees based on a matching form, application, and an assessment to ensure that participants achieve maximum results from the program. Potential mentors and mentees may apply by following the instructions below:

  • Visit the DHS Mentoring Program to sign up
  • Select your role: Mentor or Mentee
  • Complete your user profile and click Continue
  • Complete your application form and click I’m Done to obtain your supervisor’s endorsement

If the link above does not work:

To log back in after creating an account:

Mentors can gain personal satisfaction of giving back to DHS by sharing their experience and knowledge with others. Participating as a mentor also meets the 12-hour giveback requirement of the Cornerstone Program for supervisors and managers.

Program Manager

DHS POC: Cheryl Harley (202) 357-8216 or

Additional Information

For more information on the DHS Mentoring Program, please visit: (Accessible only through the DHS intranet site, DHS Connect).


Coast Guard also offers a mentoring course, E-Learning mentoring (500243), via the CG Learning Management System (LMS) (Accessible only through Coast Guard workstations).