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Mentoring Resources

Are you looking to enhance your skillset as a mentor or coach?  Check out the resources below for more information.
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 Coast Guard E-Learning Mentoring Course
Coast Guard E-Learning mentoring (500243) training is located on the CG Learning Management System (LMS) (Accessible only through Coast Guard workstations).
 DHS Advanced Education
DHS offers a variety of advanced educational programs available to CIV/MIL members.  These programs are announced annually through the Office of Leadership website.  For more information on these programs, click here.
 DHS Coaching Collaborative
Coaching is also a valuable professional development tool that can be found within the toolkit to help employees achieve their goals in the workplace. Coaching is a more formal relationship intended to address behavior for specific tasks or issues on the job.  DHS has created a Coaching Collaborative where you may access the Coaching Talent Bank as well as find information on connecting to internal and external coaching resources through the Collaborative.
 DHS Mentoring Program
This program is offered annually and requires both mentors (GS-12 through Senior Executive Service) and mentees(GS-14 and below) to apply.  For more information, check out the DHS Mentoring Program page.
 Individual Development Plan

The Individual Development Plan (IDP) is a great way to start the conversation between you and your mentor.  This tool is a way to identify short and long term personal and career goals.  Check out the information on IDPs here.

 Learn More About The CG Mentoring Program!
 Mentoring Agreement
Stating mutual defined expectations are very important for a successful mentoring partnership. Use the Mentoring Agreement to help facilitate the mentoring discussion.
 More E-Learning Mentoring Courses on Skillport
Courses, books, and videos are available for FREE on Skillport.  To access this information, visit Skillport, click the single sign-on.  Once in Skillport, search "Mentoring" in the upper right had corner to find all of the courses, books, and videos available.
 OPM Federal Internal Coach Training Program
Sponsored by OPM, this program is to train federal employees as coaches.  If interested in developing coaching skills, please click here for the Fact Sheet.