Office of Leadership (DCMS-DPR-5)

DHS Leader Development Program - Capstone

(Executive Level)

About the Program

Executives in the Capstone program are institutional leaders—the manner in which they lead espouses the Coast Guard’s Leadership Competencies of Leading Self, Leading Others, Leading Performance and Change, and Leading the Coast Guard.  They deliver the strategic vision that aligns to broader Coast Guard needs and goals, working with other DHS Executives and engaging Managers, Supervisors, Team Leads and Team Members at all levels. 

Capstone is directed at bolstering existing, top-level leadership competencies, particularly in the areas of vision, strategic thinking, collaborating and influencing/negotiating. Desired outcomes for Capstone executives are assisting in understanding roles and expectations to increase the likelihood of success and efficacy, an increased understanding of how to apply strengths and skills to effectively manage both subordinate performance and complex situations, and promoting discussion/networking amongst peers at the Executive level resulting in a robust, cross-component perspective on leadership and decision-making. 


Capstone Executives are REQUIRED to do the following: 

Executive Onboarding 

E90X – First 90 Days 

ALL first-time DHS Executives (including federal executive transfers) will complete an onboarding program within the first 90 days of appointment: 

  • Welcome Kit and Checklist  
  • Interactive Orientation 
  • Eight (8) hours of mentoring (Executive Sponsor) 
  • Executive Assessment 
  • Executive Development Plan 

DHS Core Development Experience: Executive Capstone Program 

First Year 

Multi-part intensive development program covering topics critical to success at the executive level. Recommended for executive transfers from other federal agencies; Required for all first-time federal executives, regardless of previous Executive experience in other sectors. (Executives new to the federal sector must also complete the Cornerstone Fundamentals of DHS Leadership)  

For more information on DHS Capstone and the Executive Portal, please contact Mr. Greg Harting at

Continuous Supervisory Leader Development (12/12)


ALL Executives past probationary period: 12 hours Annual Competency Development in targeted competencies, and 12 hours Leader-as-Teacher "Give Back“.  

See below on the 12/12 and for resources on how to fulfill these requirements. 

12 Hours Competency Development

The LDP requires that all supervisory leaders past their first year, complete a minimum of 12 hours of annual development within a set of 12 “Essential" competencies.

To meet this requirement all first-line Supervisors, Managers and Executives must complete at least one hour of annual development in the “Common Competency" of Performance Management. 

Executives must additionally complete annual development that builds capability in targeted “Critical Competencies“

If an Executive subsequently requires additional hours to meet the annual requirement, they may complete any remainder of their required 12 hours in development that builds capability in any of the remaining “Essential Competencies“ 

12 Hours Give-Back   

Executives must also complete 12 hours of Leader-as-Teacher “Give Back" annually, serving as an instructor, coach, mentor, author, speaker, or in some way contributing their expertise to developing others' leadership, aside from their supervisory responsibilities.  

Resources for Fulfilling 12/12 Requirements

Learning Without Limits -- This site provides a variety of different learning tools and options for continual and leadership development.  Development options include book lists, blogs, videos and so much more!  ​

DHS Leadership Library – This offers emerging and relevant peer-recommended resources (from thought-provoking and highly rated authors of various backgrounds) for development through reading, whether print or digital through Skillsoft’s Books24/7. Filter by leader level, competency, resource type, etc. ​

Leadership Matters -- Communications that focus on a different DHS leader competency in each issue.  Leadership Matters also provides development tips along with Skillsoft resources, such as books and videos that develop and support DHS leader competencies. ​

DHS Coaching Talent Bank -- Coaching is an important development tool in the success of leaders at all levels and provides a sustained return on investment that elevates leader performance by optimizing leadership perspectives and actions. This page provides information and resources for those who want to become a certified coach and/or want to seek resources in helping a coaching practice. ​

Leader Development Learning Cafés -- The monthly Learning Cafés feature leaders and subject matter experts from across DHS to help leaders at all levels enhance leadership competencies.  These sessions are delivered as a presentation, interview-style, or panel discussion, with opportunities for participants to engage in Q&A.​

Coast Guard Mentoring Program – choose from several different tracks, including 1:1, Communities and Fresh Perspectives.​

Skillsoft -- Whether you're trying to answer a question, learn a new skill, or develop professionally, USCG Skillsoft lets you quickly locate learning content aligned to your needs. Includes books, videos, courses and so much more!​

Certifying your 12/12 Requirements

Log into the Coast Guard Learning Management System (LMS) and search the following course by name or course number. 

DHS Continuous Supervisory Leadership Self-Certification in LMS (Course 502801) 

Program Manager

Greg Harting, phone (202) 475-5517, email