DHS Leader Development Program - Foundations & Milestone

(Non-Supervisory Employees)

About the Program

Every Coast Guard, and thus DHS, employee has the opportunity to lead, whether by example (such as producing well-planned, high-quality products), or by showing investment in the success of others (such as guiding, mentoring, or project leadership). To ensure that non-supervisory leaders are supported in maintaining and growing the specific leadership competencies for success, the DHS Leader Development Program (LDP) can benefit you. ​

The DHS LDP offers two tiers of leader development specifically targeted to non-supervisors:​

  1. Foundations (Team Members)

  2. Milestone (Team Leads)

Foundations Team Members are non-supervisory, non-military personnel and make up the largest of the Coast Guard’s civilian workforce.  Team Members are vital to Coast Guard mission and operational success, and are not only relied upon to exhibit technical proficiency in their jobs, but also the competencies and capabilities that demonstrate leadership.  ​

​Milestone Team Leads are non-military, civilian personnel who serve in non-supervisory roles, yet lead groups of people in executing the Coast Guard’s missions. Team Leads typically serve as project and program managers that assign and direct work to their teammates.  They are responsible for the ultimate work deliverables of the team, but do not assign performance ratings, approve leave or assign training. 

Program Manager

Alyssa Lombardi, phone 202-795-6099, email Alyssa.J.Lombardi@uscg.mil