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Choose FI 

“The Choose FI or Choose “Financial Independence”, is an excellent podcast that can help put all Coasties on better financial ground. 20-50 minute episodes are insightful and easy to understand. Run by two respectful guys that are entertaining to listen to. Website has access to lots of free tools to assist visitors. Re-introduced me to importance of budgeting. All around, just a great resource during uncertain times.”


Dare to Lead by Brené Brown

This podcast was launched following the author's book of the same title to have conversations with successful leaders on the journey and challenges that brought them to success. Brown's previous work in empathy, vulnerability, self-awareness, and courage forms a thoughtful lens through which her guests reflect on the nuances that brought them success in developing their leadership skills.



Hidden Brain

This podcast explores human behavior through a compelling combination of science and storytelling. You’ll gain a whole new perspective on what leads us to our own unconscious choices, build understanding of how and why groups interact with each other in the way they do, and be entertained along the way. Some recent episodes we especially recommend are "Group Think," "The Influence You Have," and "What are the Odds?"


Madison vs. the Mob

Social Media is an undeniable part of many of our lives; providing connectivity, news, family connections and global awareness “at the speed of information.” However, “Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms have accelerated public discourse to warp speed, creating virtual versions of the mob. Inflammatory posts based on passion travel farther and faster than arguments based on reason.” This essay, especially in context to the series recommended here, is important for our leaders, particularly in the values-based organization we serve in, and the communities we live in.


Optimal Living Daily

This podcast is a daily reading from various blogs regarding personal development, minimalism, productivity, and more.  Episodes are 5-10 minutes.


Planet Money from National Public Radio (NPR)

The podcast is free and convenient, with episodes about 20 minutes long that review all aspects of economics – great timing to listen to on short commutes. This includes everything from personal finance to investments, or macroeconomics to fiscal policy. The podcast is non partisan and very educational, often touching on current events or contemporary issues (i.e. Bitcoin or the government’s debt ceiling). The podcast is meant for the layperson to understand, with concepts broken down into simple terms.


Simon Sinek

The episode "How to Get People to Follow You" is a leadership discussion from Simon Sinek that breaks down what leadership is and the difference between leadership and authority, how to inspire others regardless of rank or position, how to lead with courage. It ends with a unique perspective on millennials in the workplace and how to effectively empower and inspire the next generation of leaders within any organization.


The Global Leadership Summit 

It is enlightening to hear leadership from outside of the military mindset. Just some of the faculty’s areas of expertise include: Maximizing teams, Unlocking strengths, Accelerating innovation, Courageous leadership, Influence for the good, Productivity, Staying relevant, Communicating for success, Strength for the journey, Predicting performance, and many more!  Get the quality leadership content from the Global Leadership Network anytime anywhere. Great lessons from professionals around the world for free on this podcast.


The Jocko Podcast

Jocko Willink is a retired Navy SEAL Officer, author, and co-founder of Echelon Front. He is a leadership instructor, speaker, and executive coach. His podcast hosts guests from all over to include military officers, Medal of Honor recipients, and authors. The focus of these podcasts is mainly on leadership, hardship, and professional development.


The Model Health Show 

This podcast uses evidence based science and experts in their field to address personal health and growth. Shawn does his research before speaking on a topic and has provided insight that has improved so many lives as his podcast ranks among the top health podcasts.


The Moth 

PRX broadcasts recorded sessions of live Moth shows with the intent of promoting the art of storytelling. During a Moth event, normal people are invited to read or tell stories that they submitted. Each show has a theme, such as love, discovery, hardship, etc., with each story often taking a surprising twist on the theme. The stories are great glimpses into human existence.


The SPAR Life 

Started by Coast Guard Academy Wrestling Coaches Kevin Bratland and Dylan Foley, “The SPAR Life” is an all-encompassing approach to life – physically, mentally, and emotionally.  The term SPAR life comes from the Coast Guard’s motto Semper Paratus, Always Ready.  This podcast focuses on shaping a culture, fostering teamwork and relationships, and grappling with life’s adversities.  Special guests of the show have included NCAA wrestling Hall of Fame coaches and athletes, junior officers in the Coast Guard fleet, and current cadets.


They Had To Go Out

Talks Coast Guard specific daring, dangerous, and epic sea stories with veterans. Lessons learned are discussed throughout each.



Abby Wambach, drawing on nearly two decades of teamwork and sporting successes, shows us what teamwork looks like, what leadership stands for, and how you can achieve bigger goals, overcome any obstacles in your way, and unleash your true potential in her book.