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National Security Executive Leadership Seminar (NSELS) (PT-330)


About the Course

The DHS Chief Learning and Engagement Officer has invited the Coast Guard to nominate GS15/O6 members for the Department of State's Foreign Service Institute (FSI) National Security Executive Leadership Seminar (NSELS), an excellent interagency training course offered by the Department of State for GS-15/O-6 members, or equivalent employees.

The Foreign Service Institute National Security Executive Leadership Seminar (NSELS) course offers participants exposure to high-level Administration officials and the latest insights on policy deliberations. Speakers have included the Deputy Secretaries of State and Treasury, the Commandant of the U.S. Coast Guard, the Deputy Director of ODNI, as well as other leaders from the national security, business and NGO communities.

NSELS is a training and networking opportunity for State Department and interagency officials.  The seminar’s policy focus is the National Security Strategy of the United States. The course explores critical challenges to American interests and the leadership skills needed for success in the interagency environment.  Participants are exposed to senior-level officials from across the national security arena, engage in high-level policy discussions, and learn from one another’s professional experiences. 

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All employees at the GS-15/O6, and equivalent members are eligible to participate. Applicants must have been employed with DHS for at least one year and have received a Meets Expectations or equivalent on their last review; and must be involved in national security related policy work. Tuition is funded by an agreement between the Foreign Service Institute and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for anyone selected to participate. Travel, per diem, and other incidental expenses are the responsibility of the nominee's unit. The Foreign Service Institute (FSI) is located in Arlington, VA.


Application Procedures


Applicants are required to complete the NSELS Nomination Form and also provide an updated resume (remove all PII data). Supervisor recommendation within the NSELS Nomination Form must indicate their approval/support for the nominee to attend ALL the training dates along with any amplifying information about the nominees qualifications.   Incomplete applications will NOT be considered.  NSELS Nomination Form MUST be submitted in word format. 


Application Deadline

Applications are due to the Office of Leadership via email at by 12:00 PM, 04 September 2018. Applications will then be reviewed by the DHS NSELS panel, approved by the Chief Learning Officer and submitted to FSI for consideration. FSI will have final selection of NSELS candidates.


Program Manager

Kin Szeto, COMDT (CG-128), phone 202-475-5515, email