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Leadership courses are available to active, reserve and civilian personnel; through multiple agencies.

Supervisors of Civilians Tier I (online) (502197)


About the Program

Completion of this course satisfies OPM’s 5 CFR § 412 requirement for executive, management and supervisory development. This 40 hour online course is designed to provide training to all civilian and military supervisors of USCG civilian personnel. The course material is created to introduce each supervisor to topics and requirements that they are required to know based upon their position as a supervisor of civilian personnel.

Participant Objectives/Lessons

    1. Course Introduction
    2. Becoming a Supervisor
    3. Using Ethics and Integrity
    4. Transitioning from Employee to Supervisor Practical Exercises
    5. Pre-recruiting Employees
    6. Recruiting Employees
    7. Selecting Employees
    8. Hiring Employees Practical Exercise
    9. Managing Employee Performance
    10. Evaluating Employees
    11. Awarding Employees
    12. Compensating Employees
    13. Improving Individual and Organizational Performance
    14. Managing Employee Performance Practical Exercise
    15. Ensuring Employees Understand Benefits
    16. Identifying Employee Benefits Practical Exercise
    17. Developing Training Employees
    18. Developing-Training Employees Practical Exercise
    19. Establishing Employee-Labor Relations
    20. Managing Employee Conduct
    21. Fostering Employee-Labor Relations Practical Exercise
    22. Ensuring Equal Employment Opportunity EEO in the Workplace
    23. Maintaining a Safe Work Environment
    24. Responding to Job-Related Injuries
    25. Maintaining a Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace
    26. Ensuring a Fair Safe and Equitable Workplace Practical Exercise


This class is for supervisors only. This class is offered to newly appointed supervisors as well as experienced supervisors and managers.

Class Convening Dates

Courses can be found online.

Application Procedures

This course is available on the LMS ( Select "Course Catalog", then "Leader Development Programs", and select "CG Leader Development Programs".  502197 Supervisors of Civilian Tier 1 will be listed under CG Leader Development Programs.

Program Manager

Kin Szeto, COMDT (CG-128), phone 202-475-5515, email