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Continuous Supervisory Leader Development (12/12) (502801)


About the Program

DHS has mandated the establishment of a Cornerstone Program as part of the overall Leadership Development Program (LDP) for all components. The Cornerstone Program provides a developmental roadmap for new and seasoned supervisors, managers and executives across DHS. It is the first and most critical element of the DHS Leader Development Framework to be implemented. For additional information on the Cornerstone Program, please visit DHS Connect (Accessible only through Coast Guard workstations).

Participant Objectives

As described in the Cornerstone Program requirements, Coast Guard is responsible for providing and ensuring employee compliance with the annual 12-hour self-development and 12-hour “leader as teacher” requirements below.

Required 12 hours of self-development annually:
  • Minimum 12 hours of annual development from internal or external providers including performance management, and any of 6 additional competencies (28 Coast Guard Leadership Competencies).
  • These may include online, reading, classroom, or other learning activities. Continuous learning modules are available on Skillport (see below for procedures to access the learning modules).
  • To fulfill the 12 hours of self-development annually, view the list of the DHS approved SkillSoft resources that fulfill this requirement.

Continuous learning is essential to keeping pace with changing and increasing demands. A learning orientation is not only a vital quality in a leader, it is also what the Department expects our leaders to be willing to invest in executing mission excellence.

Required 12 hours of annual Leader-As-Teacher “Give-Back”:

  • Minimum 12 hours of annual Leader-As-Teacher “Give-Back”
  • These may include serving as a presenter in a leadership program, coaching or mentoring outside of supervisory duties, writing an article, or other activity that develops other leaders
  • Additionally, all supervisors will be encouraged to look for ways they can give back; in some instances that may already be occurring and if so, please continue to serve and maintain records of your service.

Many supervisors “give-back” in many ways and never think about the valuable role they play in leader development -- at DHS we want to recognize that significant effort and encourage more of it.


For supervisory, managers and executives beyond their first year of federal supervision.

Enrollment Procedures

Self-report completion of the Continuous Supervisory Leader Development - Cornerstone 12/12 (502801) is required on the Learning Management System (LMS).