Transgender Policy Update


The recently-released policy on transgender service members is the implementation of the 2018 policy that resulted from the report of the Panel of Experts submitted by then-Secretary of Defense Mattis in February 2018. This updated policy is not a ban on transgender service.

Under the policy, transgender persons may serve in their biological sex, provided they continue to meet the corresponding worldwide deployable requirements and standards. This policy allows transgender persons to serve so long as they do not have a disqualifying medical condition (such as gender dysphoria) or have undergone disqualifying medical treatment (such as gender transition) or otherwise require special accommodations and exemptions from the military's sex­ based standards. The policy ensures that the U.S. military maintains the high standards necessary to maintain maximum readiness, deployability, and lethality to fight and win on the battlefield.

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Will transgender Service members who are no longer serving in their biological sex now be separated?


I've been openly serving under the previous policy--does this apply to me?