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Program Manager: Robert C. Hinds

Phone: 1-202-475-5451


Mailing Address:
Commandant (CG-1335)
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TRICARE New Updates

Feb. 21, 2019

Getting Married? Know Your TRICARE Health Care Options

You and your family members may experience changes in TRICARE eligibility and coverage after getting married.

Dec. 26, 2018

Need Health Advice? Talk to a Registered Nurse Anytime

Sometimes you need a quick answer to a health question, and it helps to have an expert to turn to. With the Military Health System (MHS) Nurse Advice Line, you can get advice from a registered nurse anytime, 24/7. Whether you're worried about your sick child, or need health care advice while traveling, the MHS Nurse Advice Line is only a call or click away.

Oct. 24, 2018

TRICARE and You: Coverage while traveling

This blog is the most recent in a series helping members of the Coast Guard family understand how to use their TRICARE benefits. ... (more)

Sept. 24, 2018

Use TRICARE Online Tools to Help You Choose a Health Plan

If you're eligible for TRICARE, you can choose from a variety of plans. This gives you options for where and how you seek medical care. But how do you decide which plan or plans are best for you and your family members? The TRICARE website can help you learn what health plans you may be eligible for and compare plan features and costs.

Sept. 11, 2018

TRICARE and You: Navigating the Secure Patient Portal

The Tricare Online (TOL) Patient Portal is the secure patient portal that provides registered users access to online health care information and services at military hospitals and clinics.

Aug. 29, 2018

Retiring from Active Duty? Take Action, Make an Enrollment Choice

When you retire from active duty, your TRICARE plan options will change. Retiring from active duty is a Qualifying Life Event (QLE). A QLE allows you to enroll in a new TRICARE plan or change your coverage options within 90 days of the live event. As a retiree, you'll need to take action to enroll in a TRICARE plan if you want to continue to receive coverage for civilian care.

Aug. 24, 2018

TRICARE Access during an Evacuation or Natural Disaster

With wildfire and hurricane season underway, have a disaster preparedness plan for you and your family. Access to your TRICARE benefit, prescriptions, and medical resources may change during a disaster. Be informed and learn the best way to keep you and your family safe.

Aug. 20, 2018

How Does the TRICARE Catastrophic Cap Work?

A catastrophic cap is the most you pay out of pocket for covered services each year. This protects you because it limits the amount of out-of-pocket expenses a family pays for TRICARE covered medical services.

Aug. 14, 2018

How to Choose or Change Your TRICARE Provider

Whether you're looking to change your primary care manager (PCM) or find a specialty care provider, you have options with TRICARE. With directories at your fingertips, you can take command of your health and your TRICARE benefit. When you enroll in TRICARE Prime, you either choose or get assigned a PCM who will manage all of your routine, non-emergency, and urgent health care.

Aug. 9, 2018

Using Your TRICARE Benefit with Other Health Insurance

Do you have employer-sponsored health insurance? Any health insurance you have in addition to TRICARE is known by TRICARE as "other health insurance," or OHI. TRICARE supplements are not OHI. If you have OHI, it becomes your primary insurance and pays any claims before TRICARE does. Learn more about how TRICARE works with OHI to make the most of your benefit.

TRICARE Introduction


Whether retiring from active duty (TRICARE Retiring from Active Duty Information Web Page) or from the reserve (TRICARE Retiring from the National Guard or Reserve Information Web Page) you have earned your TRICARE benefit. On this page we will share some helpful information to assist in accessing and using TRICARE.

TRICARE Publications

Retiring from Active Duty Brochure
A four-page brochure that explains TRICARE coverage options after retiring from active duty. The brochure describes what stays the same, what changes, what actions to take, and what program options are available. It also provides information on dental coverage and the pharmacy benefit. Contact information is also included
Retiring from the National Guard or Reserve Brochure
A four-page brochure that explains TRICARE coverage options after retiring from the National Guard or Reserve. The brochure describes what stays the same, what changes, what actions to take, and what program options are available. It also provides information on dental coverage and the pharmacy benefit. Contact information is also included.​

TRICARE For Life Handbook
A handbook that provides an overview of the TRICARE For Life (TFL) program—Medicare-wraparound coverage for beneficiaries who are eligible for both TRICARE and Medicare. The handbook describes how TFL works, getting care, TFL coverage, pharmacy coverage, dental coverage, claims and keeping DEERS information up to date during life changes. Contact information is also included.

2022 Costs and Fees Sheet
A four-page sheet that provides current 2022 costs and fees. Costs included on this sheet include: TRICARE Prime, TRICARE Select, premium-based health care options (TRICARE Reserve Select, TRICARE Retired Reserve, TRICARE Young Adult, and the Continued Health Care Benefit Program), the TRICARE Pharmacy Program, and the TRICARE Dental Program.

TRICARE Plans Overview
This product provides an overview of the available TRICARE plans including TRICARE Prime, TRICARE Select and premium-based plans. Contact information is included.

TRICARE Choices for National Guard and Reserve Handbook
A handbook for National Guard and Reserve members that explains TRICARE options by sponsor status, health care options, how to qualify for and purchase TRICARE Reserve Select and TRICARE Retired Reserve, the TRICARE Pharmacy Program, and TRICARE dental options. Contact information is also included. Find cost information for all TRICARE program options. >>Costs and Fees Sheet
Dental Options Fact Sheet
This six-page fact sheet outlines TRICARE dental coverage options, including the Active Duty Dental Program and TRICARE Dental Program. It also provides information about dental coverage through the Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program.


TRICARE Young Adult Fact Sheet
A five-page fact sheet that provides an overview of the TRICARE Young Adult (TYA) program, which offers health care coverage to qualifying young adults. The fact sheet features information on qualifying, purchasing and enrolling in TYA; getting a uniformed services ID card; covered services; costs and fees; ending coverage; and changing TYA options. Contact information is also included.


TRICARE and Medicare Turning Age 65 Brochure
A brochure that provides information about how Medicare affects TRICARE coverage. It includes details about remaining TRICARE-eligible when becoming entitled to Medicare at age 65, signing up for Medicare, providers, prescription drug coverage and remaining TRICARE-eligible if you are not eligible for premium-free Medicare Part A. A turning 65 checklist and contact information are also included.

TRICARE and Medicare Under Age 65 Brochure
A brochure that provides information on remaining TRICARE-eligible when you become entitled to Medicare before age 65 because of end-stage renal disease or other disabilities. It also includes details about payment information, the TRICARE Pharmacy Program and important information regarding returning to work and entitlement to Medicare. Contact information is also included.
Be Aware!

Moving after you retire?

If you move after you retire, be sure to update your address in DEERS.

Don't Lose Your TRICARE Benefits!

If you become eligible for Medicare under age 65 for a disability or any other reason, you must have Medicare Part B to keep TRICARE. >>Learn more about Medicare and TRICARE

Enrolled in TRICARE Reserve Select?

If you're enrolled in TRICARE Reserve Select, your coverage will end when you retire from the Selected Reserve. You may qualify to purchase TRICARE Retired Reserve.
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