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P&D On Demand Training

Got Questions? 
   Don’t quite understand? 
      Is a topic a little fuzzy? 
         Would you like to see 20/20 in 2020?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then PPC Procedures and Development (P&D) is here to help!  P&D is now offering On-Demand training to anyone who would like structured training on any Direct Access, HR, Admin, or Pay related topic.  This is great for any member(s) and/or their shop that want more training but may not necessarily have the time to commit to conducting their own. 

These virtual sessions are available for anyone and everyone (not just Yeomen) upon request and can be customized to meet your needs.  So please forward throughout your AORs.  They will be presented live via Skype screen-share.  A phone conference line connection will also be used for communication during the sessions. 

In the past, P&D has provided specialized training to units on topics such as:

  • Understanding Aviation Incentive Pay (AvIP).  This included eligibility, researching and corrections.
  • Advancements.  This included the advancement process, including eligibility timelines, importance for verification of the Personal Data Extracts (PDE) and Final Multiple Calculations for both Active Duty and Reserve enlisted members.
  • Understanding Reserve Pay Processing (IDT and Active Duty Orders).  This explained how Direct Access is programmed in regards to Reserve Pay IDT and Active Duty Orders and how to ensure timely and accurate processing of reserve pay transactions.
  • Direct Access Pay Calculations.  This explained how to navigate, read and interpret Pay Calculation Results, Element Assignment by Payee (EABP), and One Time Positive Input (OTPI).

Requests are on a first come, first served basis with coordination on dates and times.

If you would like an On-Demand session, please email your request to PPC-SMB-PPC-PD@uscg.mil with the following information:

  1.  Topic
  2.  Who would be attending
  3.  Proposed dates/times

Thank you for all you do!  We look forward to meeting with many of you in an On-Demand session in 2020.