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Citizenship and Immigration Services

PSC-BOPS-C-MR is the single POC office for all individual naturalization application assistance. Please continue to use your local command and Legal Office assistance where available, but PSC-BOPS-C-MR does provide the services as well. Each military branch must establish a single contact representative or office and PSC-BOPS-C-MR is the listed Coast Guard USCIS assistance contact for all personnel.

The official USCIS web page is a great starting point for information on how a current active military member can apply for US citizenship under the USCIS 'Streamline' Program. COMDTINST M1700.1 explains Coast Guard policy regarding specific rules that apply to Coast Guard members who wish to remain with the Coast Guard past their first enlistment. 

Here is the quick version of what you need to do to apply for US citizenship while on duty with the Coast Guard.

* You must be serving either as a regular active full time member or a reservist with remaining obligation.

* You must be a US citizen to reenlist. See the manual for more information.

These forms are included in this web page and may be downloaded or printed out.

  • N-400: This is the application itself. TYPE IT!! Then print it out. Too many people try to hand write the form and if I can't read it, USCIS won't try to read it. They will just send it back to me, then I'll send it back to you for a re-write. Don't waste time. Type it neatly the first time. Please make sure you check block 'C' in part two where it says, "I am applying on the basis of qualifying military service". Fill out the rest of the pages and don't fill out any area that says for you to leave blank. When finished make sure you sign it in the correct block.

  • N-426: This is the verification of military service form. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY.

  • Two (2) color passport photos. (full front view)

  • Copies of the front and back of your Permanent Residency Card.

That's it! The streamline program is FREE!; When complete mail the Completed package to:





WASHINGTON DC 20593-7200


This process can take up to a year. Requests for additional information concerning the application process can be e-mailed to