Base Charleston

Contact Information


Department Head
LT William Pié
(843) 740-3160 x3018
MAT Supervisor
CWO John DiFrancesco 
(843) 740-3160 x3303
WAT Supervisor
CWO Christopher Box  
(843) 740-3160 x3168



Upon official establishment of Coast Guard Base Charleston on October 19, 2015, the Naval Engineering Department (NED) was formed. Compromised of 58 Active Duty and Reserve Coast Guard personnel, the NED is tasked with the maintenance and repair of  CGC HAMILTON (WMSL 753) and CGC JAMES (WMSL 754), while also providing support to various units along approximately 470 miles of coast line from Georgetown, SC to Cape Canaveral, FL.
Base Charleston's NED consists of a central office based in North Charleston, South Carolina, on the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC).  The NED consists of the Maintenance Augmentation Team (MAT) and the Weapons Augmentation Team (WAT) . The MAT provides hull, mechanical and electrical (HM&E) maintenance augmentation while the WAT provides weapons system and ordinance maintenance augmentation.