Command Religious Program

"Devoted to God and Country, we unite to deliver innovative, life transforming 
service throughout and beyond the Sea Services."

Star of the Sea Chapel

Chaplain Brenton Asbury, LT, USN, Protestant Chaplain 

 Protestant Worship

  • Protestant Sunday Worship begins at 1030 A.M.

  • Children's church is held during Sunday Worship Services for ages 2-5 and K-5th grade.

  • Several Bible Studies are offered for both men and women throughout the year.

  • Counseling by appointment, please call Chaplain Asbury at 487-5730 ext 3

The Waters of Kodiak


Available Services

Wedding and Marriage Preparation

Allow at least six months to prepare for your wedding.  Involvement of a Chaplain in marriage counseling and wedding services depends upon timely pre-arrangement with the Chaplain concerned and completion of faith group requirements.  The chapel staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the use of our facilities.

Religious Education & VBS

Enrollment for Children's Religious Education programs can be made through the Office of the Chaplain.  A week-long Vacation Bible School (VBS) is offered each summer.

Other Services Provided

  • The religious program provides many other services such as pastoral counseling, retirement ceremonies, illness visitation, baptism, funerals, memorials, and special services.  We will do everything possible to accommodate your religious needs.
  • Family Activities and various programs are scheduled throughout the year, such as outdoor activities in the summer, and reading and discussion groups in the winter.  Please check our bulletin board in the Commissary lobby, or call the Office of the Chaplain for current information
  • Volunteers are "the backbone" of our chapel community.  Volunteering as a musician, choir member, usher or greeter are just some of the many areas in which you can serve.  Another great way to serve is to work with our Children's program.

US Navy Chaplain Corps Seal

Vocati ad Servitium
"Called to Serve"

Provide: Our religious Worship Services at the Chapel fulfill the many needs we have to offer our lives and daily duties to God.

Facilitate: We can accommodate other worship needs by providing the tools and space for any faith worship requirements.

Care: We are the Chaplains to all service members and their families, no matter if you have faith or not.  Come and see us, and tap into the powerful resources we provide.

Advise: We help provide the moral compass to guide decisions regarding right and wrong on the path of life.

Confidentiality: Those who speak with a Military Chaplain are entitled to confidentiality.  Federal Law provides this privilege for communication with those who are members of the Military Chaplain Corps.

Integrated Support Command Kodiak, Alaska

The Command Religious Program for USCG Base Kodiak delivers a continually improving selection of ministry, worship, religious education, pastoral care, counseling, and fellowship opportunities for single and married, youth, adults, and families in our island community.

With a strong emphasis on "Operational Ministry" to those who are active duty, Chaplains serving with the Coast Guard remain responsive to the needs of all personnel and their families.

Office of the Chaplain

P.O. Box 195021
Kodiak, AK 99619-5021

Phone: (907) 487-5730
Cell: (907) 654-0077

(Office of the Chaplain is located in the Commissary Bldg. N-27 Suite 502-505)

Emergency After Hours Call USCG Police Department 487-5555