Security Levels

MARSEC Level 1: Significant Risk - Click for details


Permanent Change of Station (PCS)

If you are moving this year please create a DPS account and enter your HHG move prior to your appointment.

Click here to download the DPS step by step guide.

The NAVY portal has a more up to date guide 

Familiarizing yourself with the DPS system is important as all damage claims are filed online by the member using the DPS system.

Damage Claim 

Click here to download the Damage Claim Tutorial 

You MUST have a copy of your SIGNED original PCS orders to set up an appointment with Transportation. 

We CANNOT finalize your move in DPS without your signed orders.

You MUST contact the Transportation office to finalize your HHG/PPM paperwork, we do NOT get a notice that you have submitted your move in DPS.


If you are planning on performing a PPM formerly known as a DITY move you MUST have a DD 2278 which is created in the DPS system. 

Please create your move under HHG and a PPM/DITY move under PPM. The Coast Guard will NOT reimburse you for a PPM if you do not have a DD 2278 signed by a transportation counselor. 

You MUST weigh your vehicle empty and full at point of origin which means Kodiak, Alaska. If you are a GEO-BACH you are authorized to weigh your vehicle empty and full from your dependents location vice Kodiak, AK. (MUST have a DD 2278 listing your dependents location). A list of weigh stations in Kodiak is attached.

PPM W/ Trailer

If you are performing a PPM using a trailer or a boat you will need to weigh your boat or trailer both empty and full ATTACHED to your truck. You are not reimbursed for the weight of your truck/trailer but the weight inside of the truck and trailer or truck and boat. *** The CG does NOT pay for your trailer on the ferry, The CG ONLY pays for your vehicle***

NTS (Non Temp Storage)

 If you are requesting a release from NTS, you MUST have either the inventory list from the moving company or an address/name of the company that picked up your household goods. At the very least we need to know the office that counseled you. NTS does not show up in the DPS system most of the time, so we are unable to search it. Knowing where your HHG's have been placed in NTS truly helps us.

Shipping POV 

If you are planning on shipping a POV please complete the attached POV package BEFORE appointment. Also bring a copy of your vehicle registration to your appointment. If shipping a vehicle please note that they will NOT hold your vehicle for more than 30 days.


A couple questions we have received this year are below: 

1. Can I ship Ammo in my HHG's? -- No
2. Can I ship firearms -- Yes, however you MUST have the serial #'s, make, model, year, and caliber. 
3. Can I ship my vehicle to a different VPC -- See your Admin, it must not exceed the cost to the nearest VPC. 
4. Can I ship alcohol -- Yes
5. Will the CG pay to ship my trailer/camper -- No 
6. Will the CG pay for my camper/trailer on the ferry? - No 
7. Can I ship one drive two if I'm married?? - Yes! :) This is new! 
8. Can I ship one drive one if I'm single?? - YES!!! 

For your appointment - Please bring a copy of your SIGNED PCS orders, POV Package and vehicle registration (If shipping a vehicle), Firearm information (MUST have the serial #'s, make, model, year, and caliber)

Click here to download the "It's your move" pamphlet :) several questions about what you can/cannot ship are answered in the pamphlet. 

I hope this email has answered any household good questions you have, if you have any questions please email/call us.

Contact Transportation
(907)487-5170 ext. 6658, 6661, 6663, 6650

Click here to download Household Goods Pre-Counseling Worksheet
Click here to download HHG Counseling Cheat Sheet
Click here to download Weight Ticket Stations
Click here to download POV package