Aleutian Keeper - USCGC Spar (WLB 206) - Kodiak, Alaska CGC Spar Logo


Cold weather workUSCGC SPAR is a 225’ Oceangoing Buoy Tender home-ported in Kodiak, Alaska. The 225' WLB is equipped with a single controllable pitch propeller, bow and stern thrusters which give the cutter the maneuverability it needs to tend buoys offshore and in restricted waters. SPAR tends buoys and beacons from Kodiak as far west as Adak and as far north as Kuskokwim Bay. SPAR’s operational area includes all the Aleutian Islands, earning her the name “The Aleutian Keeper.” SPAR is a multi-mission Cutter executing Maritime Homeland Security, Maritime Environmental Protection, Maritime Law Enforcement, Search and Rescue, and Domestic Icebreaking.USCGC SPAR's 48 person crew is made up of 8 officers and 40 enlisted members.