LT Jamen DesCartes
Facility Engineering Department
(310) 521-6011

Mr. Paul Nelson
Assistant Facility Engineering Officer 310-521-6014

EMC Jayefren Gante
Public Works Supervisor 310-521-6035

Ms. Lelia Dempster
Work Order Desk 310-521-6010

MST1 Kareem Orio
MST3 Royce Hossler
Environmental Protection Specialist 310-521-6012

The Facilities Engineering Division (FED) is responsible for the maintenance, repair and construction of all buildings, grounds and utilities, as well as managing Environmental Compliance and the Base Safety Program. 

The FED Front Office, located in BLDG 10, plans and oversees all work at both the Base and CG owned housing, manages AFC 30 and 43 self-help budgets, and administers the base energy conservation program.

The Base Services Branch provides equipment maintenance, carpentry, mechanical, plumbing, painting, and HVAC services. Their personnel also assist the Logistics Branch with personnel to assist visiting cutters.

The Utilities Branch provides all electrical services and repair.

The Environmental and Safety Branch manages base-wide compliance programs, maintains all permits, and trains tenant commands in best practices as well as hazardous waste disposal.