Procurement and Contracting

Location: Coast Guard Building, Room 237

Hours of Operation:
Monday through Friday
0700 – 1700

The Procurement and Contracting Department provides purchasing and contracting support for District Eight and Lower Eighth District units.  The Procurement and Contracting Department includes the following two branches:  Small Purchase and Simplified Application Procedures.  Services extended to outlying units throughout the lower Eighth District AOR include: Supplies Contracting up to $150,000.00, Services Contracting up to $100,000.00, and Construction Contracts up to $50,000.00, Purchase Card Organization Program Coordinator managing the training and processing of purchase card applications, and processing of ratifications for Chief of Contracting Officer review.


Contact Information:

Senior Field Contracting Officer
Work: (504) 253-4507

Finance and Supply Warrant
Work: (504) 253-4513

Lead Contracting Officer
Work: (504) 253-4508


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