Naval Engineering Department (NED)

The Naval Engineering Department (NED) is responsible for depot level maintenance support of cutters and boats in the D5 Area of Operations (and beyond) throughout the Surface Forces Logistics Center enterprise. The NED consist of three Divisions each fulfilling different mission support maintenance requirements.

NED Divisions

Maintenance Augmentation Team (MAT)

The MAT provides hull, mechanical and electrical maintenance support comprised of Machinery Technicians and Electrician’s Mates. The MAT also supports Centralized Cutter Boat Pooling and is a Center of Excellence for reconditioning P-100 pumps. A MAT detachment is also located in Cape May, NJ who supports the two Fast Response Cutters home ported there. The MAT is also augmented with a Reserve Force Component (R-MAT) who provides additional maintenance support to local cutters.

Weapons Augmentation Team (WAT)

The WAT provides maintenance support for MK38, MK75 and MK92 weapons systems. The WAT is comprised of both Gunner’s Mates and Electronics Technicians. A WAT detachment is also located in Cape May, NJ to support the two Fast Response Cutters home ported there

Industrial Production Facility (IPF)

IPF Portsmouth provides industrial support as a service of the National Industrial Enterprise. The IPF is staffed with skilled trades’ laborers providing a broad range of services. The IPF can deliver depot level industrial engineering services. An Industrial Production Detachment is also located in Cape May, NJ and Atlantic Beach, NC.

NED Contact List

Department Head CDR Kristina Lewis (757) 483-8665
Industrial Manager LCDR Jason Plumley (757) 483-8543
MAT / WAT Coordinator ENG4 Robert Cline (757) 483-8438
MAT MK Supervisor MKCS Michael Christensen (757) 483-8452
MAT EM Supervisor EMC Carlos Olave (757) 483-8676