Our charge is to provide timely and high quality mission support services to our partners.

Excellent service that is reliably consistent is our standard. Establishing and sustaining excellent

two-way communication with our customers will be our primary tool for success.


Cohesive teams are built on an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust. Know your shipmates,

help one another, and communicate. Laugh, have fun, and be professional. Collectively, our team

will meet the challenges ahead through comradery and alignment of mission and purpose.


Motivate and inspire to create results. Set a personal example, reward others, and seek out

growth opportunities. Hold yourselves and your shipmates to high standards and maintain

consistent communication with seniors, subordinates, and peers alike. Stand tall and do great

things every day.


Physical and mental wellness is the avenue to happiness and productivity. Take care of your

family and yourself, and let someone know if you are facing a challenge. Every member of this

unit is highly encouraged to take advantage of opportunities to maintain good health. The return

on investment is clearly worth it.

Core Values

Let our Core Values guide you every day. As public servants, we are rightly held to a higher

standard than most in order to maintain the trust and confidence of the American people. Simply

put: Do the Right Thing. If it’s not clear what the right answer is, talk to a trusted peer, mentor,

or supervisor. Above all, let our Core Values be your guide.