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Pay & Personnel News Updates from our Branches

Reminder: BAH for Single Recruit, OCS, or Academy Graduates In-Transit


With the graduates of the Coast Guard Academy Class of 2016 reporting in to their first permanent duty stations this summer, PPC (mas) would like to remind you that single graduates from basic training, OCS and the Academy, with no prior service, are entitled to BAH-Transit Rate while in transit to their first permanent duty station (PDS). The Reporting SPO must input the BAH-Transit Rate start (effective date of PCS departure) and the BAH-Transit Rate stop (effective the day prior to PCS reporting) along with the reporting endorsement and transactions to record BAH entitlement at the member's or officer's first PDS.

The Entering BAH-TR User Guide, contains the procedures for crediting BAH-Transit. The inclusive period of BAH-Transit eligibility is the date of departure PCS through the day prior to reporting PCS. For single members, it is the responsibility of the SPO for the member's new PDS (the Reporting SPO) to enter the transaction to record BAH-Transit

The officer's new SPO must:

  1. Create an active BAH-Transit row effective the date of PCS departure from the Academy.

    (Note: For the few members who may be prior service they need to start BAH w/o @ New London instead of BAH-Transit);

  2. Create a new BAH row for the new unit/zip effective the date of reporting PCS.

    (Note: See below if the member marries enroute).

Member acquires dependent(s) enroute:

If the member or officer acquires a dependent or dependents while en route PCS, the reporting SPO shall:

  1. Stop BAH-Transit Rate the day prior to the date the change in dependency is effective (Note: In Global Pay, entering the new BAH row (per step 2 below, stops the BAH-TR, you don't actually enter a stop date) and
  2. Start BAH-With/Dependents (if appropriate) using the zip code for the location of the member's dependent(s) effective the day the dependency change was effective. (Note: Review the Pay Manual before starting BAH especially if the member is married to another member or is not married and has a child).
  3. Submit the transaction to start BAH or OHA at the rate for new PDS and government quarters assignment status effective the date the member or officer reports to their first PDS.

See PAYMAN, 3-G-5d. (Members in Transit/New Accessions) & Fig 3-19 (Rule 7) and the Entering BAH-TR User Guide, for more information.

Note: Always approve the PCS Reporting Endorsement before approving the PCS entitlement rows:

  • The PCS Reporting Endorsement must be approved first by the CGHRSUP Role User. After the PCS Reporting Endorsement is approved, then it is time to review the member's current pay entitlements and submit entitlement requests as necessary to start Pay and Allowances applicable for the member's new duty station and/or duty status.
  • When the PCS pay entitlements are incorrectly approved prior to approving the PCS Reporting Endorsement, pay delays and/or pay problems result for our members. The PCS Reporting Endorsement is designed to "stop" certain pay entitlements. When approved out of sequence, the PCS Reporting Endorsement can incorrectly shut down allowances the member is entitled to receive.
  • See the PCS Entitlements Auto Start-Stop User Guide for more information.