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Pay & Personnel News Updates from our Branches

Government Travel Charge Card Bank Transition Delayed


DHS has worked with GSA and decided to further delay the GTCC transition from JPMC to CITI Bank, allowing more time for the government to get back to business and to continue troubleshooting new bank programming for a smoother transition. The transition effective date to CITI originally scheduled for November 30, 2018, then pushed to 28 March, 2019, will now be implemented on 6 May, 2019.

Current JPMC charge cards shall be retained and used for official travel through May 5th. If the JPMC card has been destroyed, call the bank at 888-297-0781 to verify the mailing address and request a new card to be sent. Be sure to take and use the JPMC card for official travel if you will be traveling during the transition period between March/April/May 2019. Both the JPMC and the CITI card should be carried when traveling during this switch.

The local Travel Managers will continue to have JPMC access to update account profiles and credit limits up to $9,999.

The new CITI GTCC cards mailed out in October were for accounts created before 1 September, 2018. The new CITI GTCC is a nondescript card, generic in appearance. This card is not distinguishable from any other personal card. Caution must be taken to prevent unintentional use.

These CITI cards shall be retained for use on and after the new March 28, 2019, effective date. If this card has not been received or has been accidentally destroyed, request a new card by contacting CITI customer service at 800-790-7206. By selecting the # sign after being prompted for a card number three times, customer service should come on line and be available to assist. The cardholder should identify themselves as a DHS/USCG account holder. The new CITI card must be activated immediately to validate receipt. Although the card is activated, it will not work until February 28th. Cards that are not activated are subject to cancellation.

For those new JPMC accounts created after 1 September, 2018, a new CITI GTCC account has not yet been established. These new accounts will be submitted to CITI at a later date and new cards will be mailed. It is important to keep the JPMC account address current to avoid delays in receiving this new card. Cardholders are responsible for maintaining valid contact and address information with both GTCC companies during this transition period. Any update in the JPMC system will not automatically crosswalk to the new CITI account.

DHS and CITI continue to work together to resolve training access issues for CITIManager, the CITI electronic access system (EAS). Travel managers should log into CITIManager and access the Learning Center for online courses.

The FAQ posted on our web site (Note: File in MS Word (.docx) file format) continues to be updated as we move through this bank transition.

Travel Managers and new travel card applicants shall continue to use the JPMC online GTCC application process. The guide and templates for the GTCC applications are found online.

Cardholders shall direct questions to their unit GTCC Travel Manager. Members can determine who their supporting Travel Managers are under the GTCC contact page. GTCC Travel Managers may direct questions to Ms. Carlene Curry at 703-258-5996 or via email to evelyn.c.curry@uscg.mil.

As the new CITI cards have been mailed out to each cardholder, we encourage cardholders to take the following actions:

  1. Review the FAQ again as we continue to update the questions and answers provided.
  2. Follow the instructions that are included with the new CITI card for activating the new card at http://cardactivation.citi.com
  3. Then follow the instructions for logging into CITIMGR; if the online activation process is followed, the cardholder will be prompted to do this step automatically.
  4. Maintain and use your current JPMC Travel Card through 5 May 2019.
  5. Start using your new CITI Travel Card for approved, official travel on 6 May 2019.

Ms. Carlene Curry

USCG Gov't Travel Card Programs
Personnel Service Center-Business Operations US Coast Guard Stop 7200
2703 Martin Luther King JR AVE SE
Washington DC 20593-7200