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Aviation Incentive Pay (AvIP) Change Request Procedure


Requests for adjustments to Aviation Service Date, Officer Service Date, DIFOPS, DIFDEN, DIFPRO, and/or OPFLY TIME for the period of time or discrepancy in question require the following steps before PPC (MAS) can make any adjustments:

Aviation Incentive Pay (AvIP) Change Request Procedure

Step Action


Aviator requests status changes for any of the above mentioned through their Senior Flight Officer for the period of time or discrepancy in question


Senior Flight Officer verifies the requested changes to dates/times are valid  for the period of time or discrepancy in question and authorized IAW policy, and provides supporting documentation to SPO for review.


SPO YN1 or above will review all documents for accuracy for the period of time or discrepancy in question, fill in the Aviation Calculation Worksheet and provide all documentation to the Commanding Officer.


Via a CG Memo, Commanding Officer identifies which dates/times are incorrect and what the corrected dates/times should be for the period of time or discrepancy in question; enclose all documentation that supports the requested adjustments.


*Note:Commanding Officer cannot delegate this authority.


Here is a sample memo showing the required information and recommended format.


SPO will submit all documents to PPC via a PPC Customer Service Ticket for the period of time or discrepancy in question. SPO should provide a brief description on the Customer Service Ticket regarding the type of changes requested.


Examples of documents to be attached to the Customer Service Ticket:


PPC Customer Service verifies that memo and enclosure(s) are attached and forwards ticket to PPC (MAS) for action; if not, Customer Service will return to the SPO requesting the required documentation be submitted.


PPC (MAS) may require additional information before a case is worked; if so, PPC will contact the Customer Service Ticket POC (SPO YN1 or above).


PPC (MAS) will make any required corrections and document the corrections in the Customer Service Ticket and in the Direct Access notes.