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Direct Access (DA) will not be available from 9:00 PM (Central Time) on Thursday, April 8, 2021 until 1:00 AM (Central Time), Friday, April 9, 2021. The system will be offline for routine server maintenance.

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Per ALCOAST 069/21, here are the new web addresses (URLs) for Direct Access and WebNow/Perceptive Content:

New Direct Access link: https://hcm.direct-access.uscg.mil
New ImageNow/Perceptive Content link: https://imgprd01.direct-access.uscg.mil/webnow (Note: CG network access required.)

The user names and passwords you use to access these systems have not changed.

Pay & Personnel News Updates from our Branches

Coast Guard adopts DoD form for retired pay accounts


We are pleased to announce that the PPC is changing from using the CG-4700 Form, Coast Guard, PHS, & NOAA Retired Pay Account Worksheet and Survivor Benefit Plan Election, to using the  DD Form 2656, Data for Payment of Retired Personnel.  This move from the CG-4700 to the DD Form 2656 will allow for more information to be immediately available to members (e.g., Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) and Blended Retirement System (BRS)) and for consistency of retired pay information across all the services.

Additionally, the DD Form 2656 is much more interactively friendly than our current form and it provides informational material (e.g., BRS Lump Sum information) that will help our members make informed decisions for future retirement planning.     

This transition has just begun to occur and during the transition both forms are perfectly acceptable for use.  PPC's Retiree and Annuitant Services (RAS) Branch has begun providing the DD Form 2656 to members who will be retiring in July 2021 but, again, either form is acceptable for use during the transition period.  Members who have already submitted a CG-4700 form do not need to complete a new form.  We hope to have the transition complete by January 1, 2022 and begin using only the DD Form 2656 for members who submit a retirement form after that date.

The Form DD 2656 is available at the following link:


PLEASE NOTE: Many people will try opening the form and find that they get an error that says "Please wait."  This is not a problem with the form but has to do with the set-up of your computer's browser as the default for opening Adobe Acrobat forms.  Many computers use Explorer as the default for opening Adobe forms, but the browser cannot handle the macros built into the form. The simple solution to this problem is to save the form to your computer and then open the form by double-clicking it from its saved location.  This should open the form in Adobe Acrobat rather than your browser, allowing full functionality.

The DD-2656 and other necessary forms are listed in the Retirement PackagePDF and can be accessed online. Please complete the forms and worksheets legibly. We strongly recommend you fill them out online using the Adobe Acrobat program on the Coast Guard, PHS, or NOAA Standard Workstation. Completion of the Data for Payment of Retired Personnel Form (DD-2656)PDF is mandatory to establish your account so you can be paid on time. The completed DD-2656pdf must be scanned and attached to a PPC Help Ticket to PPC (RAS) at least 90 days prior to your date of retirement.

PPC (RAS) is now accepting:

Forms can be found at: www.dcms.uscg.mil/ppc/pd/forms.

Coast Guard, PHS, and NOAA personnel with questions on completing the DD-2656 should contact PPC (RAS) via email to PPC-DG-CustomerCare@uscg.milCoast Guard, PHS, and NOAA personnel must not contact the Defense Finance Account Service (DFAS)  for assistance or submit completed DD-2656 forms to DFAS. PPC (RAS) establishes and maintains retired pay accounts for Coast Guard, PHS, and NOAA personnel; DFAS provides retired pay support to members of DoD components.