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Pay & Personnel News Updates from our Branches

2022 Reserve Master Chief Advancement Panel Announcement


ALCOAST 310/22

R 252030Z AUG 22 MID600052230176U
ALCOAST 310/22
SSIC 1000
A. Enlistments, Evaluations, and Advancements, COMDTINST M1000.2C
B. Leadership Development Framework, COMDTINST 5351.3A
C. Military Personnel Data Records (PDR) System, COMDTINST M1080.10I
1. This message announces eligibility requirements for the Reserve
Master Chief Advancement Panel (R-MCAP) for advancement to E-9 in
the Reserve Component. The R-MCAP convenes annually to select
eligible Senior Chief Petty Officers (SCPOs) in the Reserve
Component, including members of the Selected Reserve (SELRES) and
Individual Ready Reserve (IRR), for advancement to Master Chief
Petty Officer for all ratings. This advancement panel serves as a
talent management tool that strengthens the senior enlisted corps by
incorporating qualitative information found in a member's record,
with a focus on professionalism, leadership, and performance. COs
and OICs must ensure dissemination of this message to all Reserve
SCPOs within their commands. SCPOs must be aware of the eligibility
requirements outlined below and familiarize themselves with the
contents of REFs (A) through (C).
2. This panel replaces the E-9 Reserve Servicewide Exam,
outlined in Chapter 3.A.3 of REF (A). All other paygrades remain
unchanged. All members who have completed eligibility requirements
for advancement to E-9 will be reviewed by the panel, regardless of
intention to compete for advancement. Current eligibility
requirements, as outlined in REF (A) remain in effect and are used
by CG PSC-RPM to determine eligibility. All eligibility requirements
must have been completed by the Servicewide Eligibility Date of
1 July 2022, now referred to as the Panel Eligibility Date (PED).
Members will be able to verify their eligibility utilizing the
Personal Data Extract (PDE) generated in Direct Access in mid-July
3. The following changes to REF (A) take effect immediately. All
references to "Reserve E-9" are deleted from Chapter 3.A.3.
4. The following is an added section to Chapter 5, Para. L of
REF (A):
"L. Reserve Master Chief Advancement Panel
   1. Command and Candidate Responsibilities.
      a. Command Responsibilities.
The most common reason for member ineligibility is a missing
Enlisted Employee Review (EER). Per Chapter 3.A.7 of REF (A),
each candidate must have a current EER with CO's recommendation.
         (i) The EER must be dated after 1 July 2021 and
NLT 1 July 2022. If an EER was not completed due to reasons listed
in Chapter 4.C.1.b(4) of REF (A), commands must complete a "SWE-EER"
with an effective date after 1 July 2021 and NLT 1 July 2022.
SWE-EERs must be submitted NLT 6 September 2022 PDE correction
deadline date. SWE-EERs cannot be submitted to change a CO
         (ii) If the CO wishes to change an advancement
recommendation, the command must submit a CO's recommendation
change (CORC EER) and it must be submitted IAW Chapter 4.D.3.i
of REF (A). Changes of CO's recommendation must be dated after
1 July 2021 and NLT 1 July 2022 and must be received NLT the
6 September 2022 PDE correction deadline.
         (iii) If a candidate on the R-MCAP eligibility list
receives a mark of Not Ready or Not Recommended between the
1 July 2022 PED and R-MCAP, commands must notify PSC-RPM-1 at
HQS-SMB-CGPSC-RPM-1-Status@uscg.mil. The email must include
R-MCAP in the subject line and must include the candidates name,
EMPLID, rank, and date of EER that changed the candidates mark of
ready or recommended. As a result, the candidate will be removed
from the 2022 R-MCAP. If a member is otherwise eligible for the
2022 R-MCAP, but does not desire to be considered for advancement,
they should be given a mark of Not Ready.
      b. Candidate Responsibilities. It is the candidate's
responsibility to ensure their online PDE shows a status
of Eligible in order to be reviewed by the R-MCAP. The PDE
for the upcoming R-MCAP must be verified. Candidates
expecting extended time away from their unit (e.g.
extensive C school, deployments, TDY, maternity leave,
etc.) between the PED and the end of the correction period
should make alternate arrangements to verify their PDE.
Report incorrect PDE data to the unit Admin or Servicing
Personnel Office (SPO). After reporting incorrect data,
candidates must verify PDE corrections were made by
reviewing their online PDE prior to the 6 September 2022
PDE correction deadline. If the online PDE was not
corrected, the candidate must submit a Trouble Ticket
prior to 6 September 2022 to PPC by e-mail to
PPC-DG-CustomerCare@uscg.mil. PDE corrections must be
visible on the online PDE and completed NLT 6 September
2022. Failure to report and verify online PDE corrections
by the deadline will result in a Not Eligible status for
the R-MCAP.
      c. It is essential that all SCPOs review and update their
personnel records (EI-PDR, ESS, and EERs) in preparation
for this advancement panel. You should request your
Electronically Imaged-Personnel Data Record (EI-PDR) as
soon as possible to allow for ample correction time.
      d. All Reserve E-9 billets have transitioned from rating-
specific to universal master chief leadership assignments.
The R-MCAP results will be published as an integrated list
of ratings, rank ordered by advancement recommendation.
Members will then be advanced to vacancies at any
available E-9 position. Reserve Assignment Officers will
play a key role in determining best placement for the
needs of the service, member, and unit. This significant
change allows for the advancement of our best qualified
Reserve senior enlisted leaders, regardless of rating-
specific limitations outside of the member's control such
as retirements."
5. Additional details, including how to request your EI-PDR, FAQs,
and reference material, are available on the CG PSC-EPM-1 Master
Chief Advancement Panel Portal site:
(Copy and Paste URL Below into Browser)
6. CG PSC-RPM-1 POCs: CDR Jesse Webster, RPM-1 Branch Chief,
(202) 795-6525; and LT Marvi Rivera, RPM-1 Boards and Panels Section
Chief, (202) 795-6507.
7. Policy questions can be directed to COMDT (CG-133) at:
8. These changes will be made to the next revision of REF (A),
which will be released within the next year.
9. This message will be cancelled on 26 AUG 2023.
10. Dr. D. M. Navarro, Acting, Assistant Commandant
for Human Resources (CG-1), sends.
11. Internet release is authorized.