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Pay & Personnel News Updates from our Branches

ETQC Training Advisory 010-22: FY23 CPO Academy Electronic Training Requests (ETRs)




1. Effective 16 Sep 2022, Unit Training Officers (UTOs) are authorized to submit electronic training requests (ETRs) for CPO Academy, course code 230442 and CPO Academy Reserve 500884.  All ETRs submitted prior to 16 Sep 2022 have been deleted from Direct Access (DA).

2. CG-128 has temporarily suspended the requirement to attend CPO Academy prior to advancement to E-7, per ref (a).  There will be no automatic slating this FY.  Confirmed E-7s above the cut for E-8 have priority, and this should be noted in the ETR comments.  Secondary priority will be given to members that are already E-7s. 

3. If there are unused quotas in any session, E-6 members above the cut will be accepted by order of ETR submission.  UTOs should not be submit ETRs prior to ensuring the member is above the cut or unit advancement to E-7.

4. Up to two alternate sessions (convening AFTER the primary session choice) may be requested in the ETR comments block. Please keep remarks short, characters greater than 254 will not be seen by ETQC.  The "Open Seats" indication shown on the ETR request screen does not accurately reflect actual seats available, as it does not account for the number of ETRs already requested for that session, international or DOD students attending.

5. Ensuring all sessions are full is top priority.  Orders will be issued as early as 8-weeks, and as late as 3-weeks prior to the session convene date.  Short-notice orders due to cancellations will not be issued without the members and command consent to attend.  Due to the dynamic nature of ETRs and scheduling, ETQC is unable to offer a guarantee, estimation, or probability of enrollment in any session until orders are issued.

6. Cancellation memos to CG-128 are not required.  If orders are issued and must be cancelled, the unit must submit a cancellation request message via Admin OIX to CMD-SMB-CG-ETQC, as soon as possible.  All cancellation requests must be endorsed by the Gold Badge CMC and first Flag in the member’s chain of command and must follow cancellation guidelines.  Reasons for cancellation are: a) medical reasons, b) failure to meet weight standards, c) administrative reasons (specify why), d) failure to meet prerequisites, e) family emergency or hardship, f) member no longer requires training (specify why).  Operational needs/commitment is not a category.  Substitutions for this course are not necessary being that there is an extensive waiting list.  Once training is cancelled, a new ETR will be required.

7. If an ETR is endorsed in DA and circumstances change, the ETR may be deleted by contacting ETQC’s POC: YNCS Jackie Campbell, Jaqueline.A.Campbell@uscg.mil.  The ETR should be cancelled if the member will promote to CWO, attend OCS, or will have an approved separation/retirement date in 2023.

8. Please help ETQC disseminate this message, including distributing to subordinate Commands, Servicing Personnel Offices, Authorizing Officials, ESOs, and UTOs.

9. ETQC POC: YNCS Jackie Campbell, Jaqueline.A.Campbell@uscg.mil, (757) 756-5333.

Course sessions for FY23 are as follows; however, are subject to change:

Active Duty:

Session 291:        10/11/2022 – 11/04/2022

Session 292:       11/14/2022 – 12/08/2022

Session 293:        01/03/2023 – 01/27/2023

Session 294:        02/06/2023 – 03/02/2023

Session 295:       04/03/2023 – 04/27/2023

Session 296:       05/01/2023 – 05/25/2023

Session 297:       06/05/2023 – 06/29/2023

Session 298:       07/10/2023 – 08/03/2023

Session 299:       08/14/2023 – 09/07/2023

Session 300:        09/11/2023 – 10/05/2023


Session 136:       01/16/2023 – 01/26/2023

Session 137:       02/20/2023 – 03/02/2023

Session 138:       03/13/2023 – 03/23/2023

All reserve members are required to contact DXR and place their names on the CGR-TMS Tracker.