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Coast Guard Announces FY 2023 Non-Monetary Enlisted Interventions


R 211939Z OCT 22
ALCOAST 402/22
SSIC 7220
A. Performance, Training and Education Manual, COMDTINST M1500.10C
C. Coast Guard Recruiting Manual, COMDTINST M1100.2G

1. This ALCOAST details the results of the Military Workforce Planning Team (MWPT) non-monetary enlisted interventions. The MWPT convened in May 2022 to develop and recommend workforce policy interventions. The MWPT identified strategies for rates/ratings deemed to have personnel shortages that could negatively influence mission execution. MWPT deliberations considered factors from a broad spectrum of organizational needs.

2. Approved policy interventions are applicable to Enlisted Active Duty and Reserve under Extended Active Duty (EAD) orders. The interventions offered in this ALCOAST begin in FY23 (beginning 01 Oct 2022) and are anticipated to remain in effect until the end of FY23 (30 Sep 2023).

3. The following intervention strategies are authorized to attract and retain personnel in targeted ratings to support a mission ready workforce to meet Service needs.

4. NON-MONETARY INTERVENTIONS CLASS A-SCHOOLS: Enlistments with guaranteed Class A-School are offered for CS, BM, GM, EM, ET, MK, and OS ratings.

5. NON-MONETARY INTERVENTIONS SWE INCENTIVE POINTS. IAW REF (B), the following additional SWE Incentive Points are authorized:

a. ETs serving in Gun Weapons System (GWS) billets may receive two (2) SWE points per full tour for a maximum of four (4) points per paygrade for position numbers identified by PSC-EPM-2 and the ET RFMC, in support of MK92, MK48, MK38, and CIWS.

b. ITs with critical cybersecurity competencies and certificates that meet the following criteria may receive two (2) SWE points upon the completion of a full tour assignment:

(1) Rate CG Competency Code Eligible Certificates
IT3 IAT (Tier I) A+, Network+ CE
IT2 IAT (Tier II) CND, Security+, CySA+, CCNA-S

(2) Entries in Direct Access must be made as IAT or IAM at the appropriate level.

(3) The same certificate may not be used for two different competencies.

(4) DoDD-8140 supersedes listed eligible certificates.

c. ASTs E-6 and below with 20 or more years of active duty service may receive one (1) point after one (1) year of newly obligated service (for up to two (2) points for two (2) years). Members will receive the point(s) after the completion of each year of OBLISERV.

d. The SWE point(s) will terminate when a member:

(1) Advances, is reduced in rank, or voluntarily requests a change in rating;

(2) Is discharged or dismissed as a result of a court-martial, or administratively separated;

(3) Voluntarily retires or separates before completing the full assignment rotation; or

(4) Is disqualified for the position in which the SWE point is awarded.

e. It is the responsibility of Commanding Officers (CO) and Officers in Charge (OIC) to counsel members under their command of this opportunity. Qualified members may request the SWE point(s) through their Chain of Command to their P&A staff for eligibility verification and entry into DA. P&As, PSC-EPM, and Rating Force Master Chiefs (RFMC) will also review member assignments, competency records, and determine which members qualify for the incentive. REF (B) provides direction for DA entry of applicable Incentive Points. Late entry points past the SWE eligibility date cannot be retroactively awarded.

f. The respective RFMC is the Program Manager for the applicable SWE points. Additional guidance and clarification will be published on the RFMC Sharepoint Page or CG-TEAMS page.

6. EXTENDED ACTIVE DUTY (EAD). EAD assignments will be considered based on needs of the service for Coast Guard reserve members in paygrades E-4 and E-5 for the following ratings: AET, AMT, AST, BM, CS, DC, EM, ET, GM, HS, IS, IT, ME, MK, MST, OS, PA, SK, and YN.

7. OPEN RATE LIST (ORL). The ORL is a workforce planning tool designed to enlist skilled and qualified prior service members to fill vacancies in targeted rates. The advancement implications of listing rates on the ORL are structured to meet current and future mission needs. Eligibility requirements and procedures for enlistment under the ORL are contained in Section 3.E.2.b of REF (C). For rating-specific concerns, contact the appropriate Assignment Officer (AO) or RFMC.

a. Maximum active duty time for paygrade E-4 applicants is six (6) years TIS and the maximum active duty time for E-5 applicants is ten (10) years TIS. Applicant qualifications for enlistment will be reviewed by the appropriate AO in consultation with the RFMC. Applicants who exceed the TIS for paygrades E-4 or E-5 but otherwise meet the criteria in this ALCOAST may submit a waiver request to Recruiting Command (CGRC). Final approval or disapproval of an applicant's enlistment via the ORL will be made by CGRC.

b. The ORL includes the following ratings in paygrades E-4 and E-5: AET, AMT, AST, BM, CS, DC, EM, ET, GM, HS, IS, IT, ME, MK, MST, OS, PA, SK, and YN.

c. The ORL includes IS1.


a. These policy interventions only apply to members who are fully vaccinated, or have an approved religious accommodation or medical exemption from vaccination, against COVID-19 in accordance with ALCOAST 270/22.

b. For questions, members should contact their unit counselors (typically the Command YN/CMC/CPO/SCPO/MCPO). Additional sources of information include servicing personnel offices, work-life staff, and senior Yeoman. For questions that cannot be answered after exhausting all of the above resources, the designated administrative support representative for that specific unit may contact COMDT (CG-133) at: HQS-PolicyandStandards@uscg.mil.

c. Special Assignment Considerations: Members in critical ratings are encouraged to apply for special assignment opportunities; PSC-EPM will work within each rating to ensure a proper balance is achieved between special assignments and rating needs.

9. This message will be canceled on 01 OCT 2023

10. Questions regarding MWPT policies outlined in this message or other human resource management matters may be directed to Office of Military Personnel Policy (CG-133) at: HQS-PolicyandStandards@uscg.mil. Questions regarding Class A- Schools may be directed to PSC-EPM-2, at: HQS-SMB-CGPSC-EPM-ASCHOOLREQUESTS@uscg.mil.

11. COs and OICs must bring the contents of this ALCOAST to the attention of all personnel.

12. RADM B. K. Penoyer, Assistant Commandant for Human Resources (CG-1), sends.

13. Internet release is authorized.