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Advance-To-Position (A2P) BETA Test For Calendar Year 2023 (CY23)


R 191655Z JAN 23

ALCGENL 010/23
A. Enlistments, Evaluations, and Advancements, COMDTINST M1000.2 (Series)
B. Military Assignments and Authorized Absences, COMDTINST M1000.8A (Series)
1.Purpose: This message establishes advancement and assignment procedures
for administrating the A2P beta test in CY23. A2P is an advancement and
assignment process authorized by CG-1 that offers active duty enlisted
members an advancement to the next higher paygrade for filling vacancies
late in the Assignment Year (AY) or vacancies shopped during, or after,
the AY via Critical Solicitation. A2P is designed to afford members
increased flexibility in managing their career progression while
simultaneously increasing the Coast Guard's ability to retain talent
by reducing Retirements-In-Lieu of Orders (RILO), Separations-In-Lieu
of Orders (SILO), and advancement opt-out decisions.
2. Background: References (a) and (b) govern active duty enlisted
advancements and assignments. These policies are the foundation of
long-standing business practices by which members advance in numbers
sufficient to fill authorized personnel allowances. Under current policy,
when the number of members available for advancement are insufficient to
fill forecasted vacancies, the number of members eligible for advancement
is adjusted appropriately (e.g., the advancement cutline is adjusted).
This process, particularly late in the AY, results in members receiving
short-notice assignments, which can result in excessive RILO, SILO, or
advancement opt-out decisions.
3. A2P Beta Test Advancement and Assignment Procedures:
A. The A2P beta test for CY23 will be limited to the Boatswain's Mate (BM)
and Electronics Technician (ET) ratings. It will only apply to paygrades
E6-E9. However, the beta test may be expanded to include E9 assignments for
all ratings to remain compliant with statutory control grade caps based on
the needs of the service.
B. CG PSC-EPM will release an ALCGENL announcing the opening of A2P for
applicable rates once the second revision to the 2022 Advancement Eligibility
List is exhausted. After A2P is initiated, cuts for applicable rates will not
be adjusted on the third revision of the 2022 Advancement Eligibility List.
Instead, Assignment Officers (AO) will publish their remaining vacancies for
the applicable rate on their Microsoft TEAMs and/or SharePoint sites.
C. Members below the cut will be eligible to apply for vacancies advertised
under A2P using guidance published by their AO. The member who earns the
position will earn an advancement to the next higher paygrade.
D. Multiple members applying for the same A2P position will be stratified
IAW their placement on the Advancement Eligibility List. Members eligible
for an A2P position who do not apply or do not earn a position will remain
on the Advancement Eligibility List and may apply for future vacancies
advertised under A2P. Members applying for but not earning assignments
advertised under A2P will be notified via e-mail from their AO.
E. Members filling Special Assignments may apply for positions advertised
under A2P, but must have a command endorsement addressing backfill concerns.
F. All members earning positions advertised under A2P will be authorized
advancement via the December 2023 Enlisted Personnel Advancement Announcement
(EPAA), which is the last month prior to the Terminal Eligibility Date for
the 2022 Advancement Eligibility List. Members may only advance to their next
higher paygrade, regardless of the position earned.
G. A2P will also be used to fill critical solicitations as part of the beta
test. Critical solicitations will be released via ALCGENL. If no candidates apply,
the second solicitation will implement the use of A2P to generate candidates.
Multiple members applying for Command Cadre or independent duty positions
advertised under A2P will be stratified IAW reference (a).
H. If the Advancement Eligibility List is completely exhausted, or if no
candidates apply for positions advertised under A2P, CG PSC-EPM will release
an ALCGENL expanding the potential candidate pool to include members not on
the 2022 Advancement Eligibility List but who remain eligible to advance to
the next higher paygrade. Eligible members are those who are marked
"Recommended" and "Ready" on their most recent Enlisted Employee Review and
meet all Time in Grade and Time in Service requirements for advancement by
01 December 2023.
I. If a member on the 2022 Advancement Eligibility List, or the 2023 Advancement
Eligibility List (once published), applies for an A2P position after the
candidate pool is expanded to include members not on an Advancement Eligibility List,
members who competed for advancement will be given priority in the assignment
determination over those who did not compete for advancement.
J. Multiple members not on the Advancement Eligibility List applying for the
same position will be stratified IAW reference (a). As with candidates who are below
the cut, candidates not on the Advancement Eligibility List who earn an
assignment under A2P will be authorized advancement via the December 2023 EPAA.
K. Members "Recommended for Non-Advancement" IAW section 5.I.3 of reference (a)
during the most recent Master Chief Advancement Panel may not apply for
assignments under the A2P.
L. All assignment determinations under A2P must be briefed to CG PSC-EPM who may
approve or reject the assignment determination. Authorization to advance will
be included in the selected member's Orders Notes for the assignment and in a
memorandum from CG PSC-EPM to the member with copies provided to the departing
command, the receiving command, and the Coast Guard Pay and Personnel Center.
Orders Notes will include a frocking authorization.
M. A final revision to the 2022 Advancement Eligibility List after the AY ends
may be required to account for known or forecasted losses.
4.Points of Contact:
A. BM RFMC: BMCM Grant Heffner at Grant.D.Heffner@uscg.mil, 202-372-2293.
B. ET RFMC: ETCM Shawn Swanson at Shawn.W.Swanson@uscg.mil, 202-475-5754.
C. EPM-1: CDR Evelynn Samms at Evelynn.B.Samms@uscg.mil, 202-795-6565.
D. EPM-2: CDR Anthony Migliorini at Anthony.R.Migliorini@uscg.mil, 202-795-6596.
5.Released by: CAPT Jonathan Carter, Chief, Enlisted Personnel Management, 202-795-6576.
6.Internet release authorized.