Community Services Command
U.S. Coast Guard MWR
510 Independence Parkway, Suite 500
Chesapeake, VA 23320

The Coast Guard is the only military service organized under the Department of Homeland Security. The Coast Guard’s MWR program is similar to that of the other Services, but on a smaller scale. The mission of the Coast Guard MWR program is to uplift the spirits of the Coast Guard Family and be an essential element of Coast Guard readiness and retention through customer-owned and driven MWR programs and services around the world. The MWR programs play a vital role in support of mission readiness and retention of not only our military members but also the entire Coast Guard family through a diverse group of activities and programs. TAKING CARE OF THOSE WHO PROTECT AND DEFEND is our vision and guides everything that we do!

Mr. Matt Perciak, Director
Responsible for the funding, policy, service delivery, and oversight of nonpay compensation programs to include fitness centers, gymnasiums, swimming pools, sporting events, hobby shops, information, tickets, and tours, recreational lodging, and food and beverage activities. Oversees the Coast Guard's affiliation with the Boys and Girls Club of America, the Coast Guard Sports Program, and is the Service Representative on the Armed Forces Sports Council.

Mr. Michael Criswell, MWR Specialist
Central Commercial Sponsorship and Gift Acceptance, Marketing, MWR Intern Program, Training, Unit Inspections, Armed Forces Travel, MWR Webmaster, Armed Forces Recreation Network Service Rep, and MWR Awards Programs

Mr. Ron Ray, Program Resources Specialist
Responsible for Resale Operations, Audit Program and Inspection Check List Oversight, Budget Reviews/Analysis, Payment Card Industry, Morale Fund Financial Statement Program, and Unit Inspections.

CWO3 Steve Bishop, Financial Analyst
Oversees Central Fund Distribution, Procurement, Quarterly and Annual Reports, MWR Financial Controls, Unit Inspections, Financial Results of Operations/Statistics, and all other Financial Matters.

CWO2 Kenneth Collins, Program Analyst
Oversees the Navy Motion Picture Service, Coast Guard Sports, Elite Athletes of the Year, Sports Participation Grants, Administrative and Support Matters, and is a non-voting member of the Armed Forces Sports Working Group.