Coast Guard Leadership Assessment Survey (LAS)

Flag Voice #493

The Leadership Assessment Survey (LAS) is a voluntary 36-question survey designed to measure leadership effectiveness, as it relates to the Coast Guard 28 leadership competencies contained within the Leadership Development Framework. The goal of this assessment is to assist units with establishing a leadership environment that includes and supports our total CG workforce in maintaining the highest levels of readiness. The target audience for LAS is units with under 25 members; almost 300 CG units have less than 25 members that do not receive results from the DEOMI Organizational Climate Survey (OCS) due to their small size. However, participation in the LAS is highly encouraged for use at all levels of the organization. 

In 2004, the Unit Leadership Development Program was established to encourage and foster improvements in leadership by promoting a culture receptive to developing and implementing leadership principles based on a real-time assessment of leadership by unit members. The LAS represents the survey element of the prior ULDP and retains the purpose of providing commands, teams, or workgroups, of at least 10 people, a mechanism to assess leadership effectiveness within their workgroup. The survey assesses the areas of Leading Self, Leading Others, and Leading Performance and Change. For those larger units who receive results from the DEOMI OCS, the LAS provides a tool to assess leadership effectiveness any time the command deems it desirable or necessary. This tool can also be used by select departments, divisions, or workgroups within a command. A snapshot of results is provided as an enclosure. 

The LAS is designed to assist unit CO’s/OIC’s, team leaders, wardrooms and chief’s messes across the service as they engage in an effort to lead our total workforce. The LAS will provide near real time feedback to leaders and by aligning the survey feedback to our leadership competencies, the LAS will provide leaders a starting point as they focus on areas to improve their unit. The LAS is designed to support our overall efforts to ensure we provide a total workforce ready to meet the needs of the Nation. I encourage all senior leaders to promote use of this tool. The LAS is immediately available to those who desire to participate on the Office of Leadership web-site at Thank you for your support in this effort. 

Encl: LAS Sample Survey Resultsfile in pdf format

RADM William G. Kelly
Assistant Commandant for Human Resources

Issue date:  09/26/2018