2017 Coast Guard Organizational Assessment Survey (CG-OAS)
Flag Voice #469

On 30 January 2017, each Active Duty/Reserve member and Civilian employee started receiving an individual invitation from the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) to complete the CG-OAS. U.S. OPM sends survey invitations to Coast Guard work email addresses with a user specific link which should not be forwarded to other people.

The CG-OAS is the primary source of attitudinal information for the workforce. This information can be viewed by unit type, staff element, or by a number of demographic variables. The Coast Guard has administered the CG-OAS biennially since 2002. It is a rich and evolving source of trend information for leaders at all levels of the Coast Guard. New for this year are questions related to attitudes surrounding trust and sexual assault.

Participation in the CG-OAS is completely voluntary and individual responses are protected by U.S. OPM. Commands are encouraged support participation by reviewing previous years' trend data and communicating these with their staffs.

Many headquarters program, rating, and specialty managers routinely utilize CG-OAS results to support decisions surrounding pay/compensation (e.g. Critical Rating Work Group), work-life programs, leadership, safety, recruiting/retention, diversity and inclusion, and community specific policies. The CG-OAS provides valuable information to support chartered groups (e.g., The Culture of Respect (COR) Integrated Process Team, Military Compensation and Retirement Modernization Commission, The Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Reserve Affairs Reserve Component Readiness Trend Analysis). Programs, Community Managers, and chartered workgroups all use the data from the CG-OAS to modify policies and processes. This is your opportunity to be heard.

The CG-OAS runs through 7 April 2017. We are currently at 14.3% response rate and with your support, I am certain we can continue to improve overall response participation. Questions regarding CG-OAS should be directed to the Human Resources Strategy and Capability Staff, CG-1B, Mr. Paul Redmond.

RDML William G. Kelly

Assistant Commandant for Human Resources

Issue date: 3/8/17