Civilian Human Resources Case Management System Deployment Supervisor Self Service
Flag Voice #471

The Civilian Human Resources Case Management System (FedHR Navigator or FedHR) deployment started in September 2015 with pilot testing focused on usability, customer acceptance, and standardization of processes for case initiation and workflow. Feedback from the pilot deployment was used to establish the deployment plan.

Next month, the Office of Civilian Human Resources (CG-121) will begin the final phase of the system deployment. At the conclusion of this phase, supervisors of civilian employees will begin submitting personnel, recruitment, and classification requests using FedHR (OOA June 15, 2017). This phase marks the end of an 18-month initiative to:

  • Standardize the submission and routing of requests submitted to CG-121
  • Provide greater transparency of personnel action, recruitment, and classification status
  • Improve collaboration between supervisors, civilian resource coordinators (CRCs), and HR
  • Provide stakeholders with easy-to-use reporting capabilities
  • Reduce paperwork

For this phase, CG-121 will conduct "Train the Trainer" sessions with unit CRCs then CRCs will engage subordinate unit supervisors to provide demonstrations of the FedHR supervisory role. Implementation of this phase will provide supervisors the ability to:

  • Electronically initiate/authorize, digitally sign, and route personnel actions (SF-52s), recruitment requests, and classification requests
  • Track workflow routing status
  • View case history, generate reports, and receive case notifications

My staff will send an Advisory Notice from Civilian Human Resources (ANCHR) to our civilian employees and supervisory cadre in the coming week. The ANCHR will communicate the deployment plan in more detail. At the conclusion of the deployment plan, the staff will send another ANCHR indicating the project plan is complete and signifying the last date the Civilian Human Resources office will receive paper-based requests for personnel action, recruitment requests, and classification requests (OOA August 1, 2017).

The deployment of FedHR is a significant step forward for the overall management of our civilian human resources system. I recognize the deployment effort overlaps with the beginning of the military transfer season and the closeout of the civilian performance cycle and appreciate your continued support for this effort. The civilian human resources staff is ready to support your staff in the successful implementation of FedHR Navigator to our supervisory cadre. The Office of Civilian Human Resources point of contact for this deployment is Donna Basey (

RDML William G. Kelly

Assistant Commandant for Human Resources

Issue date: 3/28/17