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Office of Work-Life Programs : Transition Assistance Program (TAP) Financial Planning

Part of the 5-day TAP workshop includes a Financial Literacy and Preparedness for Transition session. This session provides Service members with the information and tools needed to identify financial responsibilities, obligations, and goals after separation from the military. Service members will build a criterion-based post-separation budget that prepares them for the financial realities of civilian life and ultimately help to ensure their personal and family financial security.

Transition Spending Plan

During the financial planning workshop, members are able to develop a spending plan and gain an understanding of how transition will impact your financial situation through discussion of income, debt, expenses, and assets. 

For assistance with developing a post-service Spending Plan Work Sheet ,please contact any of the listed below PFMP resources:

•   Personal Financial Managers (PFM) are assigned to each Work-Life Regional Practice to provide financial education, financial counseling, and address complex financial issues. PFMs are the subject matter expert in all areas of personal finances and can be located via the link

•   CGSUPRT Personal Financial Wellness Money Coaches - Offers unlimited 30-minute telephonic money coaching sessions, online live webinars and recorded webinars for all Coast Guard member and families which can be utilized via or 1-855-CG-SUPRT (247-8778). Free tax filing with H& R Block is also available through CG SUPRT website. To ensure the quickest access to a Money Coach, please schedule consultations online by registering/logging onto

•   Command Financial Specialist (CFS)- The unit’s point of contact on financial education, basic budgeting, and referrals can be accessed through their designated Command Financial Specialist (CFS). For those units without an assigned CFS, email or reach out to your assigned PFM.