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Naval Engineering

Base Seattle’s Naval Engineering Department operates under the technical authority of the Surface Forces Logistics Center Industrial Operations Division. Naval Engineering provides depot-level hull, mechanical and electrical, and ordnance maintenance augmentation to cutters through its Maintenance & Weapons Augmentation and its Maintenance Augmentation Teams. Naval Engineering has an 87’ Coastal Patrol Boat MAT in Bangor, WA, a MAT detachment in Kodiak, AK, and a Reserve Division. In addition, the department has technical authority over Industrial Production Facility Ketchikan.

Mission Statement

To ensure cutters and boats meet their operational requirements by providing quality maintenance and repair support for Naval Engineering and Weapons Systems. As a component of SFLC Industrial Operations Division, we work closely with our partners throughout the Coast Guard to provide this support primarily to operational units in District 13 and 17, but also units worldwide. Our mission is accomplished while providing our military and civilian members with challenging and rewarding careers in a professional environment.

Vision Statement

  1. We shall provide world-class support and Leadership in Naval Engineering and Logistics.
  2. We shall provide our people with the opportunity for personal and professional growth in an environment of trust, integrity, quality, and mutual respect.
  3. We shall support changing Coast Guard needs through proactive and continuous improvement, innovation, and technological growth.
  4. We shall, in everything we do, support the men and women who carry out the missions of the United States Coast Guard.