Personnel Services Division

Surge Staffing Section (PSC-PSD-SSS)


Mission-Critical Augmentation


Commanding Officers and Officers in Charge should determine if a request should be volunteer only or mission-critical. Once the mission-critical determination is made, submit a request via Command E-mail to the cognizant authority listed in the paragraphs below.

Area units (i.e. WMEC, WHEC, WAGB, WMSL, etc.) shall forward requests to their cognizant Area Program Manager (LANT-37CF or PAC-37CF), which will validate mission-criticality and forward their determination to CG PSC-PSD-SSS.

District units, Logistics Centers, Service Centers (LC/SC) and HQ Directorates must first conduct an initial query via their Chain of Command in order to seek an internal competency fill. If the Chain of Command cannot fill using internal resources, then the request shall be forwarded from the District, LC/SC, or HQ Directorate to CG PSC-PSD-SSS.


Funding, including Civilian overtime, for mission-critical requests originating from District, LC/SC, and HQ Directorates remains the responsibility of the requesting entity or its cognizant authority. 

If a unit authorizes the use of a Reserve member to fill a vacancy, or has questions related to Reserve policy issues, it shall work with its Sector RFRS staff or contact its cognizant District (dxr) staff to resolve those issues. 

Mission Critical funding for Area Cutters is managed by PSC-PSD-SSS.


Mission-critical solicitations are advertised on the Direct Access Mobilization website.

To assist members and their commands with the DA Mobilization application process, help guide and webinars with instructions on how to use Mobilization in Direct Access are located here: