Video: HC-130H Departure Marks End of an Era

CGNR 2015 was delivered to the Coast Guard June 23, 2022, following completion of Minotaur missionization.

The Air Force awarded a contract for one Coast Guard C-130J May 6, 2022. The Coast Guard’s 19th Super Hercules aircraft will be delivered in 2026 and undergo missionization following acceptance.

The Coast Guard on March 4, 2022, released a request for proposal for the missionization of up to six C-130J aircraft.

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Current Contract Opportunities

The Acquisition Directorate is responsible for the Coast Guard’s approximately $30 billion recapitalization investment portfolio. Additional business opportunities exist throughout the Coast Guard's other six major program/procurement offices.

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Forecast of Contract Opportunities

Find future contracting opportunities on the DHS Advance Acquisition Planning web site.

Public Disclosure

Search Justification and Approval Documents on Justifications are for contract awards, not considered full and open competition. Specify "U.S. Coast Guard" as the Agency and "Justification and Approval" as the Opportunity/Procurement Type.