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Auto De-Obligation Of Aged TDY Travel Balances (UDO) And Residuals


R 121827Z OCT 22
SUBJ: Auto De-Obligation Of Aged TDY Travel Balances (UDO) And Residuals
A. Coast Guard Supplement to the Joint Travel Regulations Manual, COMDTINST M4600.17B

1. Significant UDO balances on travel with end dates more than 60 days old continue to "tie up" funds.

2. This is a two-part challenge consisting of residual balances from vouchered travel and balances where travelers have not completed vouchering.

3. A system upgrade to the Electronic Travel System (ETS) designed to de-obligate residual funds on travel that has been completed and vouchered is planned for implementation in FY23. Prior to this upgrade, CG-833 will de-obligate those residual balances left on vouchered travel older than 30 days.

4. Starting in December 2022, CG-833 will also begin de-obligating UDO balances on travel where a traveler has not submitted their travel claim within 60 days of completing travel.

5. In order to avoid tying up residual funds and allow for prompt travel reimbursement, members should complete vouchering IAW Ref (A) within three working days after completion of TDY travel.

6. Residual and UDO travel balances meeting de-obligation criteria outlined above will be de-obligated using the following methodology:

a. Orders with UDO > $0 and $0 expenditure will have funding reduced to $0.02.
b. Orders with UDO > $0 and expenditure > $0 will have funding reduced to the expenditure amount.

7. Orders reduced to a funding balance of $0.02 will remain in an "open" status and can be adjusted upward if travel is later determined to be valid. Local financial managers shall follow the FSMS Standard Purchasing Training Guide for guidance on modifying POs:

8. Financial managers are encouraged to review residual and UDO travel balances and continue manual de-obligation of travel in order to make best use of available funding. CG-833 de-obligation actions noted above should not be a financial manager's first course of action.

9. POC: For more information contact CDR Jesse Millard, CG-833.

10. Thank you for your attention to this most critical issue.

11. CAPT W.A. Budovec, Office of Resource Management (CG-83) sends.

12. Internet release authorized.