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Commanding Officer (RAS)
U.S. Coast Guard 
Pay & Personnel Center
444 S. E. Quincy St.
Topeka, KS 66683-3591


(800) 772-8724
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Retiree & Annuitant Services (RAS) Branch

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PPC (RAS) Functions:

Be sure to visit our branch news page for retiree-related news updates.How are we doing?

Under the general direction and supervision of the PPC Operations Division, the Chief, PPC Retiree and Annuitant Services Branch shall:

  1. Provide personnel and pay support and services to USCG, USCGR, PHS, and NOAA retirees and annuitants.
  2. Provide pay support to former spouses covered under the Former Spouse Protection Act (FSPA).
  3. Provide determinations of ID card eligibility for former spouse initial determinations, incapacitated children, parents and parents-in-law.
  4. Provide complete paperwork and manage all Coast Guard Reserve personnel accounts once they've entered the RET-1 (Retired, With Pay at Age 60) status and RET-2 (Retired, Awaiting Pay at Age 60) status.
  5. Execute alimony, child support, bankruptcy, and IRS tax levy garnishments.
  6. Provide accounting reports to Coast Guard Headquarters, Finance Center, the Financial Accounting and Review branch, and other internal stakeholders.
  7. Provide reports to outside stakeholders, i.e. Internal Revenue Service, Census Bureau, as requested.
  8. Provide complete paperwork and manage all Coast Guard Reserve personnel accounts once entered as complete. 

Retiree Newsletter Status

PPC is no longer publishing "The Retiree Newsletter".  The Retiree Services Program (COMDT-CG-13) has assumed this duty. CG-13 is employing the very same distribution lists PPC used to send out the newsletter.  So, as long as your mailing address is correct the Direct Access system, you will receive their version.  New retirees are automatically added to the distribution mailing list. There's no need to request to be added to the mailing list.

Reunion notices and other items of interest to the retiree community should be sent to the  Retiree Services Program (COMDT-CG-13):  

Program Manager: Robert C. Hinds
Phone: 1-202-475-5451
Email: Robert.C.Hinds@uscg.mil

Mailing Address:
Commandant (CG-13)
U.S. Coast Guard
(Attn: Retiree Services Program)
2703 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave. SE
Washington DC 20593-7907

The Retiree Newsletter - July 2018 Edition


News, Events & Ceremonies

National Retiree Help Desk (NRHD) Hotline:

Is available to assist and / or to answer any questions that a retiree or a retiree spouse has regarding benefits (other than those relating to pay), health care issues, assistance in obtaining important forms and/or papers, etc. 

Contact by phone or e-mail:

2018 Military Retiree Paydays

Month Pay Date
January 2018 01 February
February 2018 01 March
March 2018 30 March
April 2018 01 May
May 2018 01 June
June 2018 29 June
July 2018 01 August
August 2018 31 August
September 2018 01 October
October 2018 01 November
November 2018 30 November
December 2018 31 December

Note: Retiree paydays are always on the first day of the month. If the first day of the month falls on a weekend, the pay date will move to the last business day of the payroll month.

Availability of Funds

The Department of Treasury's Financial Management Service (FMS) Kansas City Provides Payment, Collections and Financial Reporting services to the U. S. Coast Guard. FMS has recently undertaken a number of modernization efforts. One of these efforts is called Payment Application Modernization (PAM) which will help FMS process agency payment requests in a more efficient and cost effective manner.

In accordance with NACHA Operating Rules, consumer payments (i.e., Federal salary and travel payments, benefit payments) must be made available for withdrawal no later than the opening of business on the settlement date (provided the entries are made available to the Receiving Depositary Financial Institution (RDFI) by its ACH operator no later than 5:00 p.m. on the business day prior to the settlement date). Corporate payments (i.e., vendor payments, non-benefit payments) must be made available for withdrawal on the settlement date.

Retirement Seminars

Seminar Materials

Seminar Schedule

More information on seminars in your area can be obtained by contacting the Transition/Relocation Manager at your Regional Work-Life Staff. Work-Life Staffs are located at are located at HSWL FO's in Alameda, Boston, Cleveland, Honolulu, Ketchikan, Kodiak, Miami, New Orleans, Portsmouth, San Pedro, Seattle, St. Louis, and Washington, DC. To contact the Work-Life Staff closest to you, call 1-800-872-4957, followed by the extension listed next to the following locations:

  • Alameda (252)
  • Boston (301)(dial direct to 617-223-3485)
  • Cleveland (309)
  • Honolulu (314)
  • Ketchikan (317)
  • Kodiak (563)
  • Miami (307)
  • New Orleans (308)
  • Portsmouth (305)
  • San Pedro (311)
  • Seattle (313)
  • St. Louis (302)
  • Washington, DC (932)

Retiree\Veterans Events Schedule

The Retiree\Veterans Events Schedule includes a worldwide listing of retiree appreciation days (RAD), seminars, town hall meetings, stand downs, clinics, resource\career fairs and other military retiree\veterans related events. The schedule is updated on an almost daily basis to include advertised retiree\veterans events that are obtained from .GOV, .MIL, veterans service organizations' websites and input from interested personnel.

Retiree Appreciation Days (RADs): Army Retiree Appreciation Days (RADs) are designed with you in mind. They’re a great source of the latest information for retirees and Family members in your area. RADs vary from installation to installation, but, in general, they provide an opportunity to renew acquaintances, listen to guest speakers, renew ID Cards, get medical checkups, and various other services. Some RADs include special events such as dinners or golf tournaments. For more information, contact the Retirement Services Officer (RSO) sponsoring the RAD. Visit the Army Retirement Services Office (RSO) web page or the Retiree\Veterans Events Schedule for a complete listing of RADs.