C5I Service Vendor Outreach

Vendor Outreach

The C5ISC Business Operations Division (BOD) C5I Acquisition Support (CAS) Vendor Management Section serves as a liaison between C5ISC Project Managers and Vendors currently supporting or seeking to support the C5ISC’s mission execution.

Our functions include:

  • To foster the dynamic development of relationships with the Vendor Community and seek to understand each Vendor’s full set of capabilities and innovations.
  • Encourage Vendors to propose new solutions, processes, and technologies to more effectively meet C5ISC’s needs.
  • Ensure C5ISC and Vendor alignment on mutually beneficial contract objectives.

Vendors interested in sharing their capabilities with the U.S. Coast Guard’s Command, Control, Communications, Computer, Cyber and Information Center (C5ISC) are encouraged to reach out to the C5ISC’s Vendor Management Section at C5I-Vendor_Relations@uscg.mil

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