The Base Weather Hotline will be updated as we monitor the impending Storm (757) 686-4233. 



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Ensure that you and your dependent's information is always up to date by accessing CGPAAS. Make sure you know your login information to be able to access your account from any computer that is not CAC available.

Remember, that if you have to evacuate, use the Alternate Location tab in CGPAAS to update where you are temporarily staying. Training documents that include frequently asked questions and individual member tutorials can be found at the CGPAAS website.


OFFICIAL FACEBOOK: Mid-Atlantic Hurricane Information Group Know Your Zone Up to Date Forecasts
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As a part of the Commandant’s Guiding Principles of Steadying the Service and Strengthening our Partnerships, standardized bases were formed to stabilize field support delivery by re-instating local command unity and providing balance between technical authority and local command authority. On 28 November 2011, BSU Portsmouth, PSSU Portsmouth and HSWL RP Portsmouth were disestablished and Base Portsmouth was established.

By 2013, coinciding with increased base command opportunities and implementation of the DCMS career progression enhancements, ESU Portsmouth and NESU Portsmouth will become the C4IT Department and the Naval Engineering Department respectively under the Base to achieve the Standard Base Construct end state.

All persons requesting entry to the base must be able to provide the following upon request:

  • Provide a valid "government issued" identification card for vehicle occupants age 16yrs and older
  • Provide a valid Driver's LICENSE
  • Provide current VEHICLE REGISTRATION
  • Provide current VEHICLE INSURANCE (Smartphone/ electronic versions accepted)
  • Provide proof of STATE VEHICLE INSPECTION from states requiring them
  • Motorcyclists: Provide documentation showing completion of Motorcycle Rider’s Safety Course.

Sentries and patrolmen may request these items at any time and deny individuals access to the installation and issue citations if any of the required items are invalid, expired, or not available