WorkLife (hw) Division Staff

LCDR Matthew A. Calvert HSWL Department Head (757) 686-4020
Ms. Lauren Jennings Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (757) 686-4031
Ms. Lilly Cockrill Employee Assistance Program Coordinator (757) 686-4027
Ms. Lilly Cockrill Ombudsman Coordinator (757) 856-2610
Mrs. Tina Helmick Employee Assistance Program Coordinator (757) 856-2610
Mr. Terrence Tanner Family Advocacy Specialist (757) 686-4036
Mrs. Megan Anderson Family Advocacy Specialist (757) 483-8424
Ms. Kerry Maldiner Family Advocacy Specialist (757) 686-4093
Mrs. Kelly Beck Family Resource Specialist (757) 686-4025
Mrs. Kim Carmon-Stanley Family Resource Specialist (757) 686-4023
Ms. Jeanett Torrens

Transition Relocation Assistance Manager

(757) 686-4030

CG Support Program

Free, confidential counseling services

For immediate access to a counselor 24 hrs/7 days a week

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