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The mission of the U.S. Coast Guard Uniform Distribution Center (UDC) is to outfit the men and women who carry out the various functions of the Coast Guard, NOAA, and PHS.  We supply high-quality uniform items quickly and efficiently with a commitment to customer service.

UNCLAS //N04440//

ALCGPSC 099/19


1. The UDC will be closed for annual year-end price change from 24 Sep through 30 Sep 2019. No form of sale will be available during this period.

2. To ensure order fulfillment prior to closing, unit orders (AFC30)/CSC orders received by COB 13 Sep will be filled and shipped and individual orders (personal funds) received by COB 23 Sep will be filled and shipped. Any orders received after these dates will be held until the UDC and Coast Guard Exchange Web Store for UDC uniform sales return to normal operations on 01 Oct 2019 and will be subject to the FY20 price change. The Coast Guard Exchange Web Store for UDC uniform sales only will close at COB on 23 Sep and will reopen at 0800 on 01 Oct. Units must plan ahead if obligating funds to meet fiscal year closeout. The Coast Guard Exchange web site and local stores remain open and available during this period for all other sales.

3. In the event of emergency or operational needs during this closure period, please contact the UDC Manager at (609) 861-7900 to coordinate the release of inventory and shipment.

4. Commands are encouraged to ensure widest dissemination of this ALCGPSC.

5. For questions, please contact the UDC manager at (609) 861-7900 or Chris.J.Moulton(at)

6. Released by: CAPT G.T. Prestidge, Commander, Personnel Service Center. The Service Center for our most important resource – Our People.

7. Internet release authorized.



The CGU Type III Uniform is not yet available.   Future updates will be posted here.  Thank you.


All orders and communications with the UDC must comply with ALCOAST 406/18. Please see ALCOAST 406/18 for information on how to ensure secure email communications. DO NOT fax orders as the fax machine is in a common area.

The UDC is open from 0800 to 1430 (EST), Monday-Thursday and 0800 to 1130 (EST), Friday, excluding Federal holidays. Please call ahead to check our hours as they may change due to operations and unforeseen issues.

For policy and design inquiries, please visit the USCG Military Uniforms Branch.

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