The Office of Aeronautical Engineering, Commandant (CG-41) at United States Coast Guard Headquarters, has the primary responsibility for the management element of Aeronautical Engineering and serves as the focal point for technical and engineering support for aviation systems and equipment in the operational inventory. Our office ensures that safe, properly configured aircrafts are available to meet Coast Guard mission requirements in the most cost-effective manner.  The office sets objectives, policies, responsibilities, and gains resources for the Aeronautical Maintenance Management system.  The maintenance management system is a composite of United States Air Force (USAF), Navy (USN), commercial, and United States Coast Guard developed procedures.  In addition, the Office of Aeronautical Engineering provides oversight to the Aviation Logistics Center (ALC) in Elizabeth City, NC.

The Office of Aeronautical Engineering is divided into the following two divisions:

Systems Management Division

The Aeronautical Engineering Systems Management division (CG-411) performs the necessary market research, engineering evaluation, contracting and budget management to change customer stated requirements into aircraft capabilities or upgrades.   Projects in this division are managed from cradle to grave in close cooperation with U.S. Coast Guard Aviation Logistics Center in Elizabeth City, NC.

Resource Management Division

The Resource Management Division (CG-412) is responsible for the planning, programming, budgeting, execution, and evaluation of the AFC-41 aircraft maintenance appropriation funding, supporting 201 Coast Guard aircraft, as well as oversight of all aviation related Acquisition, Construction & Improvement (AC&I) funds.  The Resource Management Division develops budgets, project justification reports, cost benefit analysis, resource proposals (RPs), and administers current fiscal year funds, while providing financial oversight for ALC and providing logistics oversight of the $1.2 Billion aircraft parts Inventory Control Point (ICP) at the Aviation Logistics Center.


Contact information: Main (202) 475-5577 ; fax (202)372-8421